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Health Risks of Sleeping With Hearing Aids

Sleep is an essential function of life, which is why the World Health Organization recommends eight hours of continuous rest. Even if the person exercises or does physical activity of great effort, it is recommended to gain strength for nine hours.

Everyone has their own way of going to bed. There are people who take into account the type of mattress, pillow or blanket they use for a more comfortable sleep. From the National Institute of Aging of the United States, it is specified that Sleeping should be a habit, so as the years go by, you have to do it with more awareness.

For health experts, in addition to sleeping between seven or nine hours at a stretch, you should also try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, try not to consume excessive drinks, get physical activity three hours earlier, and finally During the day, avoid long naps of more than 30 minutes or half an hour.

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Even then, There is a set of subjects who do not follow the advice to the letter. Moreover, while sleeping or resting, they do so with headphones on.

With the advent of new technologies, inventions such as hearing aids began to gain popularity, as listening to music or other sound material is comforting to some, and even a hobby,

In this context, headphones have become necessary while going to work, school or any other situation. However, there are dangers in using them continuously, especially near bedtime.

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Considering the data collected by the site of beltone, an organization specializing in hearing aids in the United States, states that specific conditions are needed for the body to relax. As such, hearing aids don’t always go into the same stream of deep and restful sleep.

For those who know the subject, One of the reasons why people usually sleep with these technological devices is to counteract the noise generated in the environment; Plus, to get the emotional benefits, according to studies.

Despite these benefits, there are also side effects of doing this practice. For example, the portal above states that “sleeping with headphones playing music means that the ear does not respond to volume changes in the same way as if the person is awake, leaving the ear somewhat unprotected.” “

Some people prefer to sleep with headphones on so that they don’t hear ambient noises. Photo: Getty Images. – photo: Getty Images

In that line of thought, the United States Institute of Medicine comments that covering the ears with technical devices can lead to excess wax accumulation. This is because the air doesn’t circulate in the most adequate way and over time the wax dries out and hardens.

In line with the above, the Healthy Children organization states that when the auditory canal is blocked, there is a “loss of hearing” and even loss of consciousness.

Second, Sleeping with headphones on can lead to otitis, which is inflammation of the ear due to infection.According to take care of yourself, Likewise, another danger it represents is necrosis of the auditory tissue or strangulation by the headphone cable.

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to the list, another factor that adds beltone is that “while sleeping with headphones on, you may accidentally turn up the volume. Listening to loud music for too long can cause permanent damage.”

In addition, it is also specified that the brain does not rest evenly. Like this, It may happen that upon waking up the person feels tired, despite the fact that, in some cases, they have heard relaxing sounds.

Therefore, if people want to include melodies while sleeping, it is best to consult experts in otolaryngology.

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