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Healthy and accessible diet: How to follow a diet with good cost-benefit ratio

ask. Could they make a diet out of things that an unemployed person could keep in their house? I look forward to seeing a nutritionist put together a diet for poor people who usually don’t have the money to buy the recommended foods.

After publishing diet for diabetes, it appeared on the channel of message questions for the good life, It was written by Ignacio, the reader of our section. But it certainly shows how many Argentines live and suffer in their homes.

Foods such as avocados, salmon, almonds and extra virgin olive oil — because of their high nutritional power — are commonly part of many meal plans. although not all we can buy them,

Avocado Fatty Acids Are Also Found In Other Inexpensive Foods.  Photo Shutterstock.

Avocado fatty acids are also found in other inexpensive foods. photo shutterstock.

Faced with the challenge of choosing products healthy and economical, we turned to a suitable team on this topic. They are nutritionists Sergio Britos and Mariana Albornoz, directors and coordinators of projects at the Center for Studies on Food Policies and Economics (SEPIA).

Is good food more expensive than bad food?

For the experts, keep one healthy eating pattern And varied, following dietary recommendations and guidelines, implies higher consumption of some foods and less consumption of others.

of them we should swallow more amount figure:

* fruits and vegetables.

* Legumes, whole grains or cereals.

* Milk products.

* Animal sources of poly and monounsaturated fatty acids (eg fish) or vegetables (oils and nuts).

We Can Replace Almonds With Walnuts When They Are At A Reasonable Price.  Photo Shutterstock.

We can replace almonds with walnuts when they are at a reasonable price. photo shutterstock.

On the other hand, adequate nutrition implies Low consumption of:

*Bread, flour and cookies.

* Highly refined grains of all kinds.


* Red meat and chicken.

* Contemporary foods: Sweet drinks, biscuits, sweet cookies and bills, cold cut sandwiches, among others.

Milk Is One Of The Most Suitable Products For A Healthy And Accessible Diet.  Photo Shutterstock.

Milk is one of the most suitable products for a healthy and accessible diet. photo shutterstock.

“Can one side spend more save partially From the other side,” say Britos and Albornoz.

To achieve this savings, some of the strategies they mention favor seasonal foods, making bulk purchases Do whatever you can, and go to some businesses with better prices, such as fairs.

“In any case, according to our estimates, a healthy and sustainable basket costs between one, compared to the cost of a basic food basket. 50 and 60% more“, admits nutritionists.

Shopping list: How to choose low-cost, nutritious foods

For the purpose of following a healthy and accessible diet, Cepea experts most suitable product are the following:

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* Seasonal vegetables and fruits.

* Legumes and flour or whole grains.

* Take it.

Always Choose Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables.  Photo Shutterstock.

Always choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. photo shutterstock.

* Inexpensive varieties of low-calorie yogurts (or homemade yogurts if they are prepared with great care in terms of hygiene).

*Dry semolina pasta.

* Fish in its low priced varieties.

How to replace expensive foods

About avocados, almonds and salmon – included in many nutrition plans – experts comment that they are ,expensive varietiesof food and which are generally “out of the accessibility framework for many households”.

In any case, on a more nutritional level, they point out that “None of these Individually essential in population eating patterns”.

“All three are characterized by the contribution of mono or polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids. But as they are found in many other cheap food“, they maintain.

,it is not inevitable resort to the most expensive varieties of products, but search in Variety and plasticity best choice”, complete nutritionists.

Instead Of Salmon, We Can Choose Cheaper Fish Like Tuna Or Sardines.  Photo Shutterstock.

Instead of salmon, we can choose cheaper fish like tuna or sardines. photo shutterstock.

some examples of foods suggest inclusion Son:

* Other varieties of nuts, such as walnuts when they are available at a reasonable price (eg to include in salads) or peanuts (not fried or salted)

* High oleic oil, such as some varieties of sunflower.

* Fish such as tuna or sardines.

* Olives.

We Can Go Moderate In The Consumption Of Normal Items Instead Of Buying Light Items.  Photo Shutterstock.

We can go moderate in the consumption of normal items instead of buying light items. photo shutterstock.

The dilemma of “light” products

go in search of gondolas green packaging It is not pocket friendly. It is that, at times, a lower-calorie version of a product is more expensive than a traditional one.

In this regard, nutritionists agree that maintaining a healthy diet within reasonable values ​​of caloric requirement. doesn’t get out of hand From the consumption of “must” “light” products.

They explain this through several examples, which are divided by food groups:

* Vegetables and fruits. As for Britos and Albornoz, they all have substantial calorific value. “Even those that have more calories, such as avocados, grapes or bananas, consumed regularly and without excess, do not show any calorie differences,” they tell.

* Milk products. Also in this case, both milk and yogurt have genetically sufficient caloric value (in yogurts that contain less than 100 kcal per 100 grams).

Experts Agree That A Healthy And Durable Basket Costs Between 50 And 60%.  Photo Shutterstock.

Experts agree that a healthy and durable basket costs between 50 and 60%. photo shutterstock.
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* cheese. Experts comment that it is not necessary to buy the mild versions, but only moderate in the intake of the usual ingredients.

*cereals, pasta and legumes, There are also no contraindications due to calorie issues if they are consumed in moderation and not in excessive amounts.

The above pertains to foods that food guides indicate as “protective.”

What Food Guides Recommend For The Population Of Argentina.

What food guides recommend for the population of Argentina.

Among them, in products such as cookies, baked goods, sweets or jams, homemade or purchased desserts, Nor is it “necessary” that they are mild, but avoid or reduce their intake, which should be limited to only occasionally.

“Therefore, maintaining a healthy eating pattern no need to spend In light products”, synthesizes Sepia experts, always talking about healthy people, who want to have a healthy diet.

“In the cases of people who are obese, any indication should be individual and prescribed by a nutritionist, It is not valid to generalize in these cases,” he clarifies.

Food Labeling On The Front Of The Package Is Now In Effect.  Telem Photo.

Food labeling on the front of the package is now in effect. Telem photo.

learn to eat better

The Center for Studies on Food Policies and Economics (SEPIA), the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and the Argentine Network of Food Banks (REDBDEA) recently “Eat Better” Program,

your goal is generate permanent change which improve the gap in nutritional quality and diversify the diet of the Argentine population, given its different characteristics.

Also, as the front-facing food labeling law just passed come into forceThe program wants to report warnings or black seals on packages.

through a website and social networks, information will be disseminated About each food group and front labeling as well as “tips”, tips and recipe books.


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