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Hear How To Remove The Most Practical Black Fast Motorcycle Spark Plugs!

How to deal with black fast motorcycle spark plugs is quite easy and you can do it right away. But it can be a difficult task for beginners.

As we already know, the spark plug itself is one of the important components of the electrical segment.

But unfortunately there are many vehicle users including motorcyclists who get annoyed when their spark plugs turn black.

Because if the spark plugs are starting to darken, it can cause problems. Therefore, vehicle owners should take immediate action on this.

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How to Remove Black Quick Motorcycle Spark Plugs and Know What Causes It

You also need to remember that the position or color on the tip of the spark plug is an indicator of the combustion process in the engine.

Therefore, a black phenomenon on the spark plug is also very strong on the part of the fuel released.

One reason spark plugs black out quickly is because the gasoline mixture is too wasteful.

In addition, if the gasoline mixture is too economical, the color of the spark plug will also be white dust and a crust may appear.

In addition, the structure is too high, it can be useless so that it will quickly darken the spark plug.

Meanwhile, other elements such as a very dirty air filter can also result in wasted gasoline.

A spark plug black problem can also be recognized by a popping sound that is not dull. If this is your favorite vehicle, like it or not, you have to handle it with the right steps right away.

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air filter cleaning

The first step in how to deal with black fast motorcycle spark plugs is to clean the air filter first.

Usually motorized vehicles use wet type air filters, so the cleaning process is a bit tedious.

But don’t worry, as it will seem easy once you understand and know it. So, for the first step, open the hidden filter box on the motor, either Matic or Grouse.

If you have, just take the air filter out of the box, then check the condition of the motor air filter.

Well, the cavity in a moist filter is larger than in a dry filter and will stick if you clean it rarely.

So you can clean the filter by tapping it carefully on the floor to remove the ash between the filters.

If it works, all you have to do is brush the filter slowly and thoroughly.

Adjusting the Air Screw on the Carburetor

The way to remove the black fast motor spark plugs for the next step is to adjust the air screw in the carburetor. Because there are two screws on this carburetor that you can adjust, namely the idle speed screw and the air supply screw.

You can first prepare a screwdriver (-) with a tip that isn’t too short, then start the vehicle at idle speed. Turn the idle speed screw clockwise until the engine RPM increases.

The next step is to turn the air screw to the right until the noise is gone.

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If the air screw is stuck, you can immediately turn the idle speed screw to the left until the engine RPM breaks slightly.

Slowly remove the air screw and the engine RPM will increase immediately. Afterwards the air settings are appropriate and adjust the idle screw to lower the engine RPM as desired. Finally, turn the ideal screw to the left.

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overhaul carburetor

If the way to deal with a black fast motorcycle spark plug is with the tips above, but you can’t get rid of the black carburetor, don’t panic. Previously, there was an element on the carburetor called the pilot jet.

Well, this one component is actually very powerful for diverting gasoline from the float chamber to the intake. Typically technicians will modify the shape of the pilot jet to improve engine performance.

If the pilot jet is replaced with a larger diameter, the gasoline supply will also increase and the performance will increase. However, this method seems to have a risk on spark plugs as well if the spark plug you’re using doesn’t support it.

Because, spark plugs quickly turn black because the ignition is not correct. If you’re going to use that setting, use a racing spark plug so the spark plugs don’t darken as quickly.

Actually, how to remove this black fast motorcycle spark plug is pretty easy, but don’t worry if you can’t afford it. Because you can only ask professional technicians for help. (R10/HR-Online)

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