Help wanted: Calgary Food Bank seeks more volunteers

Help wanted: Calgary Food Bank seeks more volunteers

The Calgary Food Bank has no shortage of food on its shelves right now, but it is in need of volunteers.

“We are great for food and money, the community is very generous,” says Calgary Food Bank spokeswoman Shawna Augusten, “but we really need carcasses on the ground to help deliver food.”

Augusten says the New Year brings a busy month for the food bank, even after the holiday rush.

“We always see a constant stream in January and February,” she said. “The hunger doesn’t go away after Christmas, unfortunately the expenses are still going on.”

Even as demand continues to grow, the pandemic is putting pressure on resources.

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The food bank relies on volunteers to operate and many of them have been isolated at home due to COVID-19.

Normally, the bank is able to hand over 500 food hampers in a day. Right now this number is close to 400 due to shortage of staff.

University of Calgary student Jenna Holloway, volunteers at the food bank every weekend. He hopes that more people will join him.

“I really wanted to give back to the community, especially in the midst of the pandemic,” she said. “It’s so rewarding, especially to come here and see all the people who need support.”

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Right now, the food bank is extending its operating hours due to high demand.

It is now open for handicap delivery on Saturdays and the rest of the week.

It is also extending its hours to Fridays for those who need to pick up a meal later in the day.


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