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Henry Cavill’s Superman Was an Unstoppable Beast, But the Son of a Kryptonian Went at Large in the Comics

The powers and strengths of superheroes have always been a hot topic of debate and discord among fans. Cinema has left us spectacular confrontations between various heroes and villains: Iron Man vs Captain America civil war, batman v superman and against various members of the Justice League (Doctor Fate and Hawkman) black adam, There are countless conflicts in the comics.

Fans approach encounters from different perspectives: strategy, numbers, history, skill… The reality is that the approaches are often appropriate to the moment. For example, the Injustice comic series showed a far less brave and impulsive Batman than the Batman seen in the movies, when faced with Superman… and less so in hand-to-hand combat.

The DC universe is left without Batman and Superman after them ben affleck why Henry Cavill Hang their respective hats. The reasons are very different, but the reality is the same: we do not have heroes and their successors are unclear. For now, covered by Batman Robert PattinsonBut Superman is another story… who could have improved Henry Cavill?

Superman and His Strength: Is Clark Kent Really the Strongest Man Ever?

Henry Cavill He played the role of Clark Kent, the original Superman or Man of Steel. If you only watch superhero movies, it’s understandable that you believe Superman isn’t around anymore. The comics are further universe and currently Clark Kent does not wear Superman’s cape, but his son: John Kent of Jonathan Samuel Kent.

The strength of Henry Cavill’s Superman was extraordinary. movies man of Steel, batman v superman why Justice League They show Kryptonians as being much stronger than Wonder Woman, the Flash, and other heroes. Clark Kent has always been the strongest man in both the comics and the movies.

Superman John Kent Fuerte

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Things could have changed in the comics. The number Nightwing Annual 2022 #1 shows a view of nightwingBatman’s disciple and main successor, Training John KentSon of Kal-El or Clark Kent. He asks you to kill a training dummy with a quarter of your force. And this is where the craze of some fans begins.

math and superheroes

Many fans claim that John Kent He is much stronger than his father, Clark Kent, due to his youth and many other technical factors that would take me days to count. Mathematics enters the scene to support this theory.

  1. A training dummy with these characteristics usually weighs 122.47 Kg o 270 pounds approx.
  2. John Kent mentions that by using a quarter of his strength he has been able to send the doll into Earth’s atmosphere so it will not return as it will burn up upon re-entry. In other words: several kilometers above the atmosphere.
Superman John Kent Fuerte1

ScreenRant Medium has (roughly) calculated John Kent’s strength. Kryptonians have sent training dummies at least 100 to 1,000 miles above Earth’s surface. Re-entry to Earth usually begins above 100 kilometers or 330,000 feet. The shuttle and spacecraft orbit 360 km and there it is believed that John Kent sent the doll.

according to the calculation of Adam J BrunerThat distance would require 3.29 x 107 (32,900,000) joules to send the doll, the article’s author wrote. Therefore, the mathematical operation is as follows: 32,900,000 multiplied by 122.47 kg. This indicates that John needs to exert at least 4.02926 × 109 (4,029,260,000) joules of force to achieve this feat.

If you actually hit with a quarter of its force (hence why it’s all approximate), John Kent could generate 1.611704 × 10^10 (16,117,040,000) joules. Sphericity: 16 million joules, For context, Bruner states that a normal person can generate 135–150 joules and a professional boxer 1,300 joules with his particularly strong punch. We’re talking about 0.00003% of what John can generate.

Superman John Kent Fuerte4

In other words: a wildness that most of us cannot imagine or understand. And precisely by these calculations it is believed that Jon is even stronger than his father, Clark Kent. while the original superman infinite forceYou should know that it has a limit and it can be calculated precisely if there are devices that can withstand its onslaught.

John Kent has every chance to be stronger than Clark Kent, and what does this have to do with Henry Cavill and his Superman?

james gunnThe company responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy, Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad has taken over from DC. The changes weren’t long in coming, the most prominent being the absence of Henry Cavill as Superman. Plus, The Rock’s Black Adam and Robert Pattinson’s Batman are also left over from the new DC Universe.

Superman John Kent Fuerte2

Dwayne Johnson Or Henry Cavill: &Quot;He Is The Superman Of Our Generation And The Best In My Opinion.&Quot;

Who could pick up the baton from Henry Cavill, which actor would be good enough? Gunn may go for an alternate option: inspired by john kent Instead of Clark Kent, a young Superman molded him to his liking.

Superman’s strength is related to many factors, but the main ones are: the Sun and his age. contrary to popular belief, superman age, albeit at a much slower rate than in humans. Jon’s youth and better adaptations to capture radiation would be reasons to accept the premise (which would have to be developed) that the son would outlive the father.

And precisely because of this, he is a strong candidate to take over the baton from Henry Cavill as Superman! The question is who would be the right actor to play him? And that’s where you come in. Let me know in the comments what you think about all this and who would you pick to play John Kent.

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