Henry Kissinger India 1971 War: Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger Abused Indira Gandhi During India’s War with Pakistan in Bangladesh


Washington: America remembers former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as a diplomat and leader who left an indelible mark on its foreign policy. In the 70s, Kissinger took important decisions for America to establish diplomatic relations with many countries. Although Kissinger was successful in controlling many countries in the world at that time, the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was never under his influence and fear. The main reason for America’s anger towards India was its attitude towards Pakistan when Indira Gandhi decided that she would send troops to East Pakistan. Angered by Indira Gandhi’s decision, Kissinger used vulgar words while abusing the former Indian PM. What is this whole thing, we will tell you.

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At the beginning of the 70s, there was a strong movement in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) demanding a separate country from Pakistan. The Pakistan army is mercilessly trying to crush this movement of Bengalis and oppressing the common people. Due to this, many refugees from East Pakistan also came to India. In such a situation, the Indian PM Indira Gandhi took an important decision and announced to enter this fight. When Indira Gandhi announced that she would send troops to East Pakistan, America panicked for fear of the defeat of her stooge Pakistan. At this time, the National Security Advisor and Secretary of State of President Richard Nixon was Henry Kissinger. Both started maneuvering to stop India.

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The attempt to intimidate Indira Gandhi failed

Kissinger wanted the Indian Army not to interfere in East Pakistan. In such a situation, he started trying to put pressure on Indira Gandhi. At Kissinger’s behest, Richard Nixon insulted Indira Gandhi and made her wait a long time to meet her. After this, in the meeting as well, Nixon spoke very rudely to Indira Gandhi and tried to pressure Pakistan to stop the attack. Indira clearly said that the decision cannot be changed because we cannot remain silent on the crisis that has arisen in India due to the developments in East Pakistan. Indira Gandhi returned from America and the Indian army attacked the Pakistani army.

When India attacked the Pakistani army, Kissinger was completely nervous. This anger was so great that in a conversation with President Nixon, instead of taking the name of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, he spoke to abuse her. Not only Kissinger but also Nixon said many bad things about Indians at that time. Kissinger then secretly visited China and advised Nixon to ask China to send troops near the Indian border to stop the war with Pakistan. After China’s refusal, at Kissinger’s order, the American Navy came to help Pakistan, which withdrew because of the Soviet Union. Henry Kissinger publicly apologized in 2005, nearly 34 years after the 1971 India-Pakistan war, for abusing Indira Gandhi and using derogatory terms about Indians.

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