Henry Kissinger, the man who defined US foreign policy, dies at 100

Henry Kissinger, the man who defined US foreign policy, dies at 100

Henry Kissinger former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to deer died at the age of 100, according to a statement from his consulting firm Kissinger Associates.

According to the signing statement, Kissinger, also a statesman and academic, He died Wednesday at his home in Connecticut.

In May this year, he celebrated his 100th birthday and “remains active” after reaching that age, according to the statement.

Recently, Dr. Kissinger his attention to the implications of artificial intelligence. “He is a frequent guest in the media and in panel discussions, writing and traveling abroad,” the statement read.

The diplomat is a key figure in the White House boycott of the government of Salvador Allende in Chile.

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Kissinger’s involvement in Chile

On November 3, 2020 and within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the day in which Salvador Allende took office as President of the Republic, the United States National Security Archive published a collection of documents that provide a series of details how the president. Richard Nixon and his advisor Henry Kissinger They carried out a series of covert operations aimed at destroying the country.

In one of the disqualified conversations, which he accessed Cyprus Nixon and his security advisor discussed a reasonable line of intervention against the Government of Salvador Allende.

“I feel strongly that this line is important in terms of its effect on the people of the world,” Nixon said, echoing the argument Kissinger had presented to him just four days earlier about Allende’s “model effect.” “If (Allende) can prove that he can establish a Marxist anti-American policy, others will do the same.“.

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In this respect, Kissinger fully agreed. “It has an impact (…) even in Europe. Not just in Latin America.”