Here you have the first trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine, the jaw-dropping arrival of the mercenary with a mouth in the MCU


Marvel Studios presents its next bombshell, which leaves lots of blood, bullets and cuts on screen

12 February 2024, 01:26

Updated February 12, 2024, 02:50

Horrible dead pool In more ways than one comes to the rescue of Marvel Studios' dense cinematic universe, and it does not do so arbitrarily, nor does it arrive alone: ​​the third installment of the mercenary's saga already has an official has the name, the first trailer and, despite being fully aware that he now works for Disney, the people responsible have made it clear deadpool and wolverine There will be a lot of blood, gunshots and cut scenes on screen.

Taking advantage of their golden moment during the Super Bowl, Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for the film that will bring them together once again on the big screen. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) Y Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, Wolverine or Dynamic Needle, depending on your preference). And though we've only seen the silhouette of the other, it's implied in the final strips that the antiheroes' long-awaited collision is completely inevitable.

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Announced for September 2022, and with filming interrupted by an actors' and screenwriters' strike, the film was previously known by this name. deadpool 3 It follows in the wake of the first two and reclaims its hero and his hooliganism and cheeky tone. But, in the process, it achieves something Marvel cinematic fans have been asking for for years: start connecting the dots with everything presented since avengers endgame And the beginning of Loki's series.

Furthermore, what is shown largely matches the first official images and has not been filtered by Reynolds himself and you can even see small details in the background such as the debris of the iconic 20th Century Fox logo, which made its Previous films produced dead pool And X-Men.

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How did he get there? The fourth wall has already been broken in the trailer, with the brief official synopsis already suggesting “Will that fucking irresponsible hero, Deadpool, change the history of the MCU with Wolverine?” And it's clear that if there's ever a movie in which ignoring logic is more of a responsibility than a license, it's this one. In any case, the countdown has officially begun to find out what happened.

Under the slogan “Everyone wants a happy ending” in the trailer and “The best friends get back together” through the official poster, Marvel Studios remembers that the premiere deadpool and wolverine will be next 26 July 2024 In cinema houses.

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And although the film still doesn't have an official age rating, based on what's already been shown and the previous two films, we expect it won't be primarily focused on kids. This, added to its powerful first look, is already two steps in the right direction.

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