“He’s a fun guy, he demands excellence from his team”


Come on New England Patriots They surprised by taking the bishop Ezekiel Elliott in free agency, and it’s like no team has taken it, but Bill Belichick nothing surprising. Now the running back is already connected to the system monk held a conference in which he spoke about the ways of the head coach of New England.

After 23 years with Belichick the command in the patriots They’ve given him different nicknames but they’re all about excellence and seeing their players do their best in training and matches.

You know, he’s a great coach. said Elliott In his first press conference with the patriots. “He’s a funny guy. He demands excellence from this team and knows how to get it out of you.”

“Yes, he is a great coach. Yes, he demands excellence and knows how to achieve it, and we bet that in the right context and with the right expectations, he will help achieve it.” Zeke the two-time NFL rushing champion in Dallas who was defeated by the cowboys this off-season and that he will play a complementary role at New England.

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But funny”? How funny? I mean funny as a clown? For fun? Does wddya mean “funny”? How funny? How funny?”

But behind closed doors Belichick Obviously he’s a different person, more outgoing and with… a great sense of humor? The corridor Ezekiel Elliott who signed with patriots Two weeks ago, he revealed he was surprised at how much fun it was Belichick.

Now that the regular season is upon us, Zeke Elliot has high expectations for his performance and the fans of the patriots They hope they have the best version of the running back that became famous with the Cowboys.


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