“He's a phenomenon”: Lucas Menosi and the player who surprised him most at Catholic University

Menosi highlights this player at Catholic University

Catholic University They have tried to strengthen in a good way for the 2024 season, with one of their big signings being Argentine midfielder, lucas menosi Who is said to have excellent balance in the midfield.

In the past few hours, the ‘Crusaders’ midfielder spoke with the program TNT Sports ‘We are all tecnico’ and announced the player who has most stood out in training within his first weeks of work, in which he named N. took Nicolas Castillo.

“I, the one who already knew and our companions were similar and who were I watch him train and I really like Nico Castillo, he’s an amazing guy” Menosi began, pointing.

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Continuing along those lines, the former Argentinian Tigre insisted he knows the history of ‘Nico’ and its name cesar pinares As another player who stands out.

,I know your story, Last year our partners were the same, I know its trajectory. I also love Caesar (Piñares)“he declared.

Finally, Menosi once again had words for Nicolás Castillo, whom he admires for overcoming such a complex situation in his life and who, today, would fight with everything to return to normality in the world of football. Are.

“Especially when I was stopped, but You watch him train and for me he’s got great things, his career shows, unfortunately he’s had his problems, but he’s got the things of a different player.” Hill.

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