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Sunday, February 28, 2021

High court reprimands Delhi government and MCD for outstanding salaries, orders this

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The Delhi High Court has slammed the Delhi government and corporations in the matter of arrears of salary. Hearing the case of outstanding salaries of employees of Municipal Corporations of Delhi, including doctors, nurses, sweepers, teacher pensioners, etc., the Delhi High Court reprimanded the Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporations (MCD), saying that the problem was the cause of the epidemic. Not because of it, but because of the sandwich being made between the Center and the Corporation of Delhi Government.

The High Court strongly reprimanded the Delhi government and the municipal corporations, saying that these are the people, because of which your houses, roads are kept clean and hospitals are running. We are ashamed of your irresponsible attitude towards them. The court has ordered the MCD to give details of its expenses in different areas from April 2020, or to ask its chairperson to be present before the court on the next hearing.

High court gave this order to Delhi government

The Delhi High Court directed the Delhi government to pay the outstanding funds to the municipal corporations within 2 weeks. Earlier, in the case of non-payment of salaries of teachers and other employees, the court said that all these employees are similar to the Corona Warriors on duty at the time of Corona epidemic. Even after this, it is a matter of great regret that his salary has not been given since March.

MCD had told the High Court this reason

Explain that the High Court had also issued notice to the Delhi government on the petition of doctors and workers along with the MCD. The court had asked the MCD and the Delhi government the reason for the doctors not getting salary. In this case, the MCD had told the court that due to non-payment of corporations by the Delhi Government, the dues of the sanitation workers, apart from doctors and teachers, could not be paid in different categories.

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