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High School: Schenectady, Mayfield, Fonda-Fultonville Post Girls’ Volleyball Wins

In a girls’ non-league volleyball match, Schenectady registered a 25-14, 25-21, 25-21 win against Mohansen on Monday.

Gelmazzoni Marrero Martínez contributed 11 kills and nine digs to the win, while Kanishjori Marrero Martínez added 10 kills. Kellyanne Hurd had 25 assists for Schenectady, and Madison Peterson recorded 11 digs.

In the defeat, Mohanasen’s Andrea Skoda made 10 digs and five kills.

Mayfield took the top spot at Hadley-Luzern 25-14, 25-11, 25-16. Julia Fitzgerald made eight assists, while Morgan Ashline hit four aces and four kills in the win.

Fonda-Fultonville beat Jonestown 25-16, 25-18, 25-22. Marilyn Whitkevich made 10 kills and four blocks to lead the win. Alivia Wilson led Jonestown with six kills and 15 digs.

Guilderland won 25-23, 17-25, 25-21, 25-22 against Mechiel Christian Academy. Guilderland’s Lauren Hoyle led with nine kills and 14 digs. For Mechiel Christian Academy, Rose Serdensky made 11 kills and Chloe Eckstein contributed 19 assists.

Colombia won 25–6, 25–14, 25–23 against Niscuna in a suburban council action. For Colombia, Arriva Silliman made 15 assists, Cara Lillier 10 digs, and Allison Silliman and Rachel Perry contributed seven kills each. For Niscayuna, Laura Mason had 24 digs, Audrey Mason contributed 16 assists and 12 digs, and Ava Shevey contributed 12 kills.

In Wasseren league play, Waterford-Halfmoon topped Mechanicville 25–18, 25–15, 23–25, 25–14. Skyler Kennedy made 10 kills and Kelly Penick made 10 assists in the win, while Mechanicville’s Jenna Tesorio made six assists.

Juliana Montanino made seven kills in Saratoga Catholic’s 25-12, 25-16, 25-15 victory against Tamarack.

In a Colonial Council match, Lansingburgh defeated Shalmont 16–25, 25–14, 25–22, 24-26, 25–15. Mary Doyle led Lansingburgh with 25 assists,

Mackenzie O’Brien recorded 12 kills and nine aces, and Juliana Loughn made eight kills. For Shalmont, Alexa Napic had 25 assists, eight digs and five aces, Natalia Sawyer added 15 kills, Mikayla Townsend 14 digs and Elena Lybrand 13 digs.

milestone reached

With a 5–0 non-league win against the Watervilles, Maple Hill Boys football coach Dan Gillespie scored the 700th victory of his coaching career.

Nick Bianco, Ivan Gralitzer and Anthony Musillo scored two goals each in Broadbin-Perth’s 9–0 win against Amsterdam in the Foothills Council matchup. Luke Bernhardt scored one goal and two assists, while Landon Russo and Darin Mosher contributed one goal and one assist. Carter Inotti had two assistants.

Michael Carpenter scored three goals in Fonda-Fultonville’s 5–0 Western Athletic Conference win against Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons. Will Hernigal made two assists, while Alan Booth had one goal and one assist.

Middleberg defeated Shohri 4-2. Nate Wood had two goals and one assist for Middleberg, and Quinn Barton had one goal and one assist for Shohri.

henry stars

Aaron Henry led Cobbleskill-Richmondville to a 26–6 Section II Class C football victory against Mechanicville.

Henry converted 13 rushing attempts for 121 yards and two touchdowns, as well as 13 passes for 6 yards and one touchdown.
Cobleskill-Richmondville scored the first 26 points of the game.

Mastrella raised the burnt hills

In Suburban Council field hockey, Burn Hills topped the Shakers 3-0. Lili Mastrella scored two goals in the win.

Guilderland won 4–0 against Bethlehem. Chelsea King had one goal and one assist.

Eli Schamberger and Aubrey Ayde scored two goals each in Saratoga Springs’ 6–0 win against Colombia. Ide also had two assists for the Blue Streaks, receiving one goal and two assists from Lily Gach.

Mohanasen’s victory

Courtney Bush scored the game-winning goal in Mohansen’s 1–0 Colonial Council girls’ soccer victory against Ichabod Crane.

Isabella Estill scored two goals in Stillwater’s Wasseren League 3–0 win against Husick Valley.

Galway won 2–0 against Northville at the Western Athletic Conference Girls’ Soccer. Anna Mizenberg and Kendra Petersen scored a goal each, while Hannah French made 14 saves in the shutout.

Shohri scored a 12–0 win against Middleburg, as Haley Drinen recorded four goals and two assists, and Katie Krohn scored four. Krohn, the all-time leader in Section II goals, pushed her career goal-scoring total to 236, taking her to the No. 2 spot on the state’s all-time scoring list; Krohn surpasses Molly Petrucci, who scored 234 goals for City Honors from 2010–15, while Chloe Delliser is number 1 on the state’s scoring list, scoring 336 goals while playing for Marion from 2014–19. Jacqueline Sullivan contributed two goals and one assist for Shohri.

In a 1–1 non-league tie, Mechanicville’s Neva D’Aloaia and Schuylerville’s Anika Buff scored a goal each.

golf postponed

The Section II Boys’ Golf Class B and C/D Championship tournaments have been postponed “due to course conditions”, the Division announced on Monday.
The event was moved back a week and will now take place next Tuesday at Halfmoon’s fairways.

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class c
Cobbleskill-Richmondville 26, Mechanicville 6
M 0 0 0 6- 6
Cr 20 0 6 0-26
CR – A Henry 2 run (kick good)
CR – A Henry 3rd run (conversion failed)
CR — K Henry 8 run (kick good)
CR – A Henry to LaBarge 5 pass (kick failed)
M – Pingelski 10 pass not reported (conversion failed)
field hockey
suburban council
Burn Hills 3, Shaker 0
Burn Hills 1 0 1 1-3
Shaker 0 0 0 0-0
Burn Hills Scoring: Mastrella 2-0, Hild 1-1, Pokobradsky 0-1. Shekhar Scoring: None. Goalkeeper: Burn Hills, Jensen, 1 save. Shaker, Testo, saves 21.
Guilderland 4, Bethlehem 0
Halftime Score: Guilderland takes a 4-0 lead. Bethlehem Scoring: None. Guilderland Scoring: Collins 1-0, Cotton 1-0, King 1-1, Van Wermer 1-0, Hoffman 0-1, Deeboom 0-1, Schaefer 0-1. Goalkeepers: Bethlehem, Rosenkrans, 10 saves. Guilderland, Canistraci, saves 2.
boys football
foothill council
Broadalbin-Perth 9, Amsterdam 0
Halftime Score: BP takes a 5-0 lead. Amsterdam Scoring: None. BP Scoring: Gralitzer 2-0, Bianco 2-1, Musillo 2-0, Rasom 1-1, Inotti 0-2, Barnhart 1-2, Mosher 1-1, Brot 0-1, Daniels 0-1. Goalkeeper: Amsterdam, not reported, 6 saves. BP, not reported, 2 saves.
Western Athletic Conference
Fonda-Fultonville 5,
Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons 0
Halftime Score: FF takes a 3-0 lead. ND-BG Scoring: None. FF Scoring: Carpenter 3-0, Hernigal 0-2, Booth 1-1, Hastings 1-0. Goalkeeper: nd-bg, rest, 9 saves. FF, Araya, 3 saves.
Middleberg 4, Skohari 2
Halftime Score: Middleberg takes a 4-0 lead. Shohri Scoring: Barton 1-1, Dietz 1-0, Martin 0-1. Middleberg Scoring: Wood 2-1, Johns 1-1, Bell 1-0, Camer 0-1. Goalkeepers: Shohri, Hellstrom, 12 saved. Middleberg, Crote, saves 5.
girls football
foothill council
Queensbury 10, Hudson Falls 0
Halftime Score: Not reported. Hudson Falls Scoring: None. Queensbury Scoring: J.J. Keshmi 1-0, b. Duffy 1-0, Br. Duffy 1-0, Stewart 1-0, Riley 1-0, Tanner 1-0, Roca 1-0, Eicher 1-0, Sassamon 1-0, Dixon 1-0, M Keshmiri 0-1. Goalkeeper: Hudson Falls, Mitchell, 15 saves. Queensbury, Lemary, Save 1.
colonial council
Mohansen 1, Ichabod Crane 0
Halftime Score: Not reported. Ichabod Crane Scoring: None. Mohansen Scoring: Bush 1-0. Goalkeeper: Ichabod Crane, Drummond, 15 saves. Mohanasen, Gulbrandsen, Save 1.
wasren league
Stillwater 3, Husick Valley 0
Halftime Score: Stillwater takes a 2-0 lead. Hoosick Valley Scoring: None. Stillwater Scoring: Petenaud 1-0, Astille 2-0, Henderson 0-1. Goalkeeper: Husik Vallee, Caiaza, 10 saves. Stillwater, Corraro, 3 saves.
Western Athletic Conference
Galway 2, Northville 0
Halftime Score: Galway takes a 2-0 lead. Galway Scoring: Petersen 1-0, Pittman 0-1, Misenberg 1-0, Martin 0-1. Northville Scoring: None. Goalkeeper: Galway, French, 14 saves. Northville, Monroe, Save 1.
Schohari 12, Middleberg 0
Halftime Score: Shohri takes a 8-0 lead. Middleberg Scoring: None. Shohri Scoring: Krohn 4-0, Drinnan 4-2, Sullivan 2-1, Fagnani 1-1, Repscher 1-1. Goalkeeper: Middleberg, Schultz, 15 saves. Shohri, Bland, 3 saves.
non league
Mechanicville 1, Schuylerville 1
Halftime Score: 0-0 draw. Mechanicville Scoring: D’Aloia 1-0, Charbonneau 0-1. Schuylerville Scoring: Buff 1-0. Goalkeeper: Mechanicville, Izzo, 9 saves. Schuylerville, Pelletier-Hoblock, delivers 8.
girls volleyball
suburban council
Colombia 3, Niscuna 0
Set scores: 25-6, 25-14, 25-23. Niscune Highlights: Mason, 25 Digs; Beltramo, 12 Digs; Shave, 12 kills; Mason, 16 assists, 12 digs. Colombia highlights: al. Silliman, 7 kills, 6 digs; R. Silliman, 15 assists; Perry, 7 kills, 5 digs; Lalier, 10 Digs, 5 Aces.
wasren league
Waterford-Halfmoon 3,
mechanicville 1
Set scores: 25-18, 25-15, 23-25, 25-14. WH highlights: Kennedy, 10 kills; Panic, 10 assists. Mechanicville highlights: Tesorio, 6 assists.
Husik Valley 3,
Berlin/New Lebanon 0
Set score: 25-17, 25-18, 25-16. b/nl highlights: bray, 5 kills, 6 digs; Caitlin, 10 kills, 5 digs; Riffenberg, 9 assists. Hoosik Valley Highlights: Marbot, 5 aces, 8 kills, 9 assists, 6 digs; finkle, 7 aces, 7 kills; Waldron, 8 kills.
Saratoga Catholic 3, Tamarind 0
Set scores: 25-12, 25-16, 25-15. Tamarack Highlights: Maxfield, 8 Digs. Saratoga Catholic Highlights: Motler, 5 assists, 4 aces; Wengert, 10 Diggs; Fiordimondo, 6 digs; Montanino, 7 kills.
non league
Set scores: 25-14, 25-21, 25-21. Schenectady Highlights: Gi Marrero Martinez, 11 kills, 9 digs; Kay Marrero Martinez, 10 kills, 6 digs; Hurd, 25 assists; Peterson, 11 Digs. Mohanasen Highlights: Skoda, 10 digs, 5 kills.
Guilderland 3,
Mekiel Christian Academy 1
Set scores: 25-23, 17-25, 25-21, 25-22. Mekiel Christian Academy highlights: Seredensky, 11 kills; Barnhill, 8 kills; Eckstein, 19 assists. Guilderland highlights: Hoyle, 9 kills, 14 digs; price, 5 kills; Norgrove, 10 Digs.
Mayfield 3, Hadley-Luzern 0
Set scores: 25-14, 25-11, 25-16. HL Highlights: Kenny, 3 aces, 3 assists, 2 kills. Mayfield Highlights: Warner, 3 aces; ashline, 4 aces, 4 kills; Fitzgerald, 8 assists; Wechel, 3 kills.
Fonda-Fultonville 3,
johnstown 0
Set scores: 25-16, 25-18, 25-22. Jonestown Highlights: Wilson, 6 kills, 15 digs, 3 aces; Frasier, 10 service points, 2 aces, 9 assists, 14 digs. FF Highlights: Whitakevich, 10 kills, 4 blokes, 8 digs; Cole, 19 assists, 4 aces.

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