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High Shoes: These Are The Risks Of Shoes For Your Foot Health

High boots have been in fashion for years, usually among women, but the reality is that there is a boom Platform shoes, including sports shoes, that don’t recognize sex or gender. what he understands are injuries and Risks associated with footwear that can become a common trap,

The same was already happening with heels and even wedges, as neither are they free from having some risks associated with them, regardless of whether they are a stiletto heel or a stilettos, Unfortunately, wearing high heels regularly, including wearing them to work, can deal with leg and back painWhich can give rise to major complications.

In a very synthetic way, the reality of high heels is that there is an incorrect way of distributing the weight and forces of the body and gravity on the feet, located on one. beveled shape that sharpens even fingerswho bear the brunt of this burden.

Not recommended, especially for people who work while standing, the use of high heels should be limited as much as possible or, at the very least, the smallest possible heel should be worn. more than four centimeters in height without, In any case, it is better that it be small or that it does not exist at all.

It is recommended that the heel be no more than four centimeters in height. © Freepik.

The danger of becoming high heels lies not only in being high-top shoes, but in the way they are worn, as this is the way the foot suffers the most due to the type of posture. So it is common for people who regularly wear heels accumulate pain in the ball of the footBut especially in the front.

Risks of High Shoes and Heels

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg for many diseases. may affect other joints, Almost a chain reaction that is also associated with ligament and tendon problems in the ankles, which subsequently reproduce in the knees (more of a delicate joint) and which can also be repeated at the lumbar level. As we told you here at The Objective, the irony is that summer shoes can also hurt you.

To this we must also contribute the muscle pain that may be associated with its presence, especially in the lower body. this is exaggerated by the bent position of the plant (downward spread) that is in the foot, causing increased pressure on the front of the foot and forcing the body to adjust weight for balance. When this imbalance occurs, the body loses its alignment and forms a rigid and unnatural posture which can be associated with muscle pain.

A Pair Of White Heels
The higher the heel, the more damage it takes. © Freepik.

Similarly, it should also be remembered that, As the inclination and height of the heel increase, the more severe the consequences to walk with them. In fact, they affect not only posture, but also walking, as it is very common to exert some pressure on the tip of the heel with the fingers, almost like a claw, to ensure some support for the heel. goes. This results in what is known as hammer toes.

It is also important to understand the role of the ankle in this dilemma, as high shoes limit the range of motion of this joint, as excessive heel height causes the calf muscles to shorten and lose strength. In this way they lose power in the impulse and also increase the contraction of the Achilles tendon, which can causes tendonitis of the above tendon, which is highly disabling and very painful,

A condition that occurs repeatedly in the foot itself, on the sole or in the fingers. In the first case, bunions or neuromas, including changes in the alignment of the Achilles tendon. The plant also experiences excessive stress from the tendons that support the arch of the foot, which can lead to plantar fasciitis. Finally, fingers Apart from corns, calluses and blisters, they can also suffer from hammer toes mentioned above.,

For all these probabilities should be added increase sprains and strainsBecause the supports are weak, and it is easy to lose your footing (even with a knee sprain), one reason that discourages the use of high heels on a daily basis.

Why not flat and high shoes panacea?

Woman In Platform Shoes
Platform flat shoe also involves foot health risks. © Freepik.

You may have noticed a certain fad which involves the return of flat platform shoes Even in obviously sporty footwear like sneakers. However, flats and high shoes are not the solution feet need, although they are a better idea than heels.

The advantage is that the surface is flat, so they will not be overloaded like heels. Nevertheless, we insist that this is not the solution because some negative connotations too,

  • fatigue: Because they usually weigh more than normal shoes.
  • Waterfall: Loss of balance and grip.
  • Stress Fracture: Smaller steps and the need to apply more force in strides.
  • Twist: Linked to that is worse grip and a more unstable surface.
  • Muscle and back pain: due to postural and overexertion.
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