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Highest-scoring NBA in history: “There’s no way to stop it, man”

The NBA is experiencing continued scoring euphoria, which is reflected in the personal ecstasy of recent times: the 71 points Donovan Mitchell’s, 60s, 51s and 50s luka doncicGiannis Antetokounmpo’s 55, Lauri Markkanen’s 49… spectacular performances so consistent that, at most, the value of any great individual exhibition is already there. relative.

A waste of quality galore that is nothing more than the most striking picture of the landscape which is the highest scoring NBA in history. According to statistics from the Basketball Reference Portal, the current average offensive rating—points per 100 positions—is, Highest ever record with 113.6, much higher than the 97.7 of the 73–74 season, for which the prior held records. On the occasion of this incident, MD has taken the pulse by asking several coaches as well as NBA recognized figures to explain the reasons.

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He said, ‘There are very talented players here. Jordi Fernandez, The second Kings coach in his interview with MD. They are game trends. I think, especially in the regular season and the beginning, what prevails most is talent and you see it on a day-to-day basis, there are extremely talented players to score and they rule change Shooters have been favored in the league as well, says the Badalona coach. “There are too many good players and it’s getting harder to stop”, he agrees. jose manuel calderonNow the Cavaliers’ special advisor.

“What’s up? Well, I don’t know… It must be that with the start of the year everyone ‘On fire’, Uncle!”, the Raptors coach began jokingly replying to MD, nick nurse, “I think there are a lot of incredible players, I saw all those performances and they did great,” added Nurse, the NBA champion with the Canadian franchise in that block, along with Sergio Scariolo as assistant coach and marc gasol and Serge Ibaka on the roster.

“These notes? Maybe the whole world will catch fire with the new year, man”

nick nursetoronto raptors coach

“You have to give all the credit to the players, but also to the coaches”, he said for his part, pointing to another coach with Ring, to a question via another channel. mike budenholzer (with the Bucks in 2021). Budenholzer said, “The elite coaching staff in the NBA, very creative coaches, every night I’m blown away.”

But, although not many have raised their voice against the current trend, there are detractors as well. The one leading the critical section is none other than the oldest coach in the league and the one with the most wins in the entire history, Don Greg Popovich, who had already released at that time that fashionable basketball, the triple one, “It’s not basketball.”

“I hope the league ends with 4 or 5 point shots, so we can turn this into a real circus. It won’t even be basketball, it’ll just be a lot of garbage”, She, with all her usual acid, ‘pops’, 73 years old More than 25 in spurs and up to 5 rings on his hand. Experts’ opinions, as well as developing data, warrant, above all, five fundamental factors to understand why we are facing an NBA that is increasingly scoring.

1. Triple Expansion

It is no secret that the advent of ‘Triyuga’ is the principle which has controlled this trend. Shooting from long range has become almost non-existent in the first season, with 0.8 shots per accident according to Basketball Reference (79–80). 12.2 Present.

According to a study published last year by the NBA, in the 10-11 academic year, triples represented barely 22% of shots attempted last season, accounting for 39% of shots, while mid-range The shot has fallen. From 31% to 13% over this period. In the current campaign, the ratio of triples is already 41.6%. The Blazers coach insisted to MD, “The three shot has taken the game to another level.” chauncey billups, Those Detroit Pistons, NBA champions in 2004, as a player with the ‘Bad Boys’ gang.


Popovich always speaks his mind

Eric Gay / Associated Press

“It’s very hard to defend these days with so many people pulling all three”, he assured. Greg Popovich, “And the amount (of shots) is too high and they come too quickly, so guys are going to score. extend that players can do that now and the distance from which they shoot, obviously”, highlighted the Spurs coach in one of his appearances these days.

2. Rapidly talented and complete player

The development of the player himself has a decisive weight. Basketball is moving towards a sport in which venues are increasingly spread out because more and more players – regardless of their size – can do more things. upcoming event, Victor Vembanyama, It’s paradigmatic, but the current league is already full of great examples. double mvp Nikola Jokic -Distributes assists like a 2.11 center- point guard. Giannis Antetokounmpo, another big ‘center’ (2.13), prepares for clearing the Bucks as if he was also a point guard and the Greek is also capable of running the rebound as the fastest ‘small’. why luka doncicThe Game Director of 2.01 Becomes the Most Skilled Player on the Course by posting Today, it is almost as important for a center to be a one-of-three shot as it is to have rebounds.

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Billups said, “These guys are really talented and there are many ways to score.” Talent works better and better and of course the weight of the statistics has also done its job, as warned by José Manuel Calderón. “The more statistics, the more knowledge about the game, and from that, If a player is good at something, do more of it. There are better players and it’s getting harder to stop”, asserted the former Raptors and Cavaliers player among others.

The offensive versatility has been accompanied by increasing defensive versatility but the attacks are formidable. The Toronto Raptors, themselves, are loaded with players with size but also athleticism. -Juancho Hernangomez His middle—on both sides of the track—is one of the great examples of this versatility. As the most obvious example, the opening pivot -Pascal Siakam-, he can defend the opponent’s point guard and start the action in the next game. And any player who grabs the rebound is the one who is already running in transition.

3. Greater ‘spacing’ and rhythm

The expansion of the triple has had an impact in other areas of the game. the fact that there are more and more shooters and with high accuracy make it track big As Popovich points out. Defenders have to stay closer to the attacking players to cover the shot and this opens up direct penetration – for both the handler and the shooter – and more space for other moves such as cutting.

The evolution of basketball towards a faster game has also had a major impact. Average possession per match played in 09-10 season is 92 99 current. And the more assets, the more points.

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The progress that certain sports specific actions have made since 2015 – the first year for which the NBA has records – tells very clearly how vertical and quick the sport has been. teams shoot more penetration -from 33.7 then to the current 46-, more possession in transition -from 14.3 to 18.6-, and actions that slow down the game, such as after plays In less than 10 years, they have fallen by almost half, from 8.14 to 4.7. The number of possessions has remained stable with rinses from 7.7 in the 15-16 academic year to the current 7.6.

4. Rule Changes

in addition to the well-known rule of 3 seconds, The NBA is modifying others that favor attack, such as this course as a new ban for fouls that prevent counterattacks, which are penalized. A free kick and possession. A change that meant the number of fast breaks per possession went from 1.12 to 1.16, resulting in an average of 4 more points per 100 possessions.


Blazers coach Chauncey Billups

Mark Labrecque / Associated Press

“Is there any way to stop this aggressive tendency? No, it’s very difficult,” Billups says. Of course, you’re going to play your best, but the rules are laid out for attack. can, and you find yourself in trouble for stopping players, you have to give Blaise Koch says. “The rule changes in the league also favor shooters,” agrees Calderon.

Billup also refers to some free kicks which also have an effect, because 78% The current average is the highest in history.

5. ‘It’s not a small team anymore’

The well-worn handy cliché known as ‘anybody can beat anybody’ rings true more than ever and is another factor that explains the barbaric recent individual performances, because almost all of them were about even matches. Without going further, Doncic’s games of 51 and 50 points came in very tight Dallas wins against NBA ‘low class’ teams like the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets.

Also, has surprised with two wins in recent weeks. Orlando Magic Against the Boston Celtics, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder without their star, Shai Gilgies-Alexander, was a humiliation for some even against the Celtics who had Tatum and Brown (150–117) charlotte hornets Hitting a Pistons win at home over the Bucks (109–138) or Warriors (119–122).

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“It can be said that there is more and more talent and there are more and more role players, but at the same time, anyone can beat you, there is no easy team in the NBA anymore,” Jose Manuel Calderón warned. Between quality, preparation, and rules, the NBA’s offensive ecstasy seems like an endless phenomenon that spirals out of control. Where is the limit?

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