Hillary Clinton says Joe Biden's age is a 'legitimate issue'

Hillary Clinton says Joe Biden's age is a 'legitimate issue'

Hillary Clinton has said concerns about Joe Biden’s age are a “legitimate” issue amid concerns about the president’s fitness for office.

Ms Clinton, the former Democratic presidential candidate, said age was a “legitimate issue” for Mr Biden and it was something the White House is aware of.

Ms. Clinton told MSNBC in a recently released interview, “I talk to people in the White House all the time, and you know, they know it’s an issue, but as I like to say, ‘Look. , it’s a legitimate issue.” Which was filed before the Justice Department’s special counsel Robert Hur published his report on Wednesday.

“This is a legitimate issue for Trump who is only three years younger, right?” Ms. Clinton added. “So it’s an issue.”

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It comes after the publication of a report by a federal prosecutor investigating Mr Biden’s handling of classified documents, describing the president as a “well-intentioned, elderly man with a failing memory”.

The US President does not remember defined dates in his life such as the year his son Beau died or when he served as Vice President, the report said.

Both Mr Biden and the White House rejected the characterization, with Mr Biden insisting on Thursday that “my recollection is spot on”.

First lady Jill Biden defended her husband in a note to her campaign donors and questioned whether the special counsel’s claim that Mr. Biden did not remember when his eldest son Beau died was “targeted.” To gain political advantage”.

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Meanwhile, Ms Clinton said she was supporting Mr Biden’s campaign for a second presidential term because of his “qualities”.

“Once you say that, you also need to talk about what is at stake in this election,” Ms. Clinton said. “And I’m for Joe Biden because of the merits.”

“I think he’s done a really good job as president,” he said.

The special counsel’s report described the 81-year-old Democrat’s memory as “hazy”, “hazy”, “defective”, “impaired” and having “significant limitations”.


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