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Hills that defy gravity: A mysterious phenomenon explained

A strange incident which leaves the onlookers astonished.

Mysterious gravity hills or magnetic hills, represent one of the strangest natural phenomena to exist. Therefore, for many people they could not find any explanation, scientists revealed their explanation.

They are not exclusive to any specific place in the world, as these picturesque places exist in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil or Italy, to mention countries from different continents.

In these hills one can be amazed to see how the cars run on it they seem to be going up As cyclists struggle down an apparent slope.

Does A Ball Seem To Be Rolling?  Science Channel Capture

Does a ball seem to be rolling? science channel capture

The first thing that scientists make clear is that it is neither more nor less, wide Optical illusions are almost impossible to believefrom the point science alert,

“The embankment tilted so that it gives the effect that it is going up,” explained the physicist brock weissfrom Pennsylvania State University.

And he adds: “In reality, you are going down, although your brain gives you the impression that you are going up.”

Scientists Make Measurements To Explain Phenomena.  Science Channel Capture

Scientists make measurements to explain phenomena. science channel capture
The Height Difference Is Part Of The Explanation Of The Phenomenon.  Science Channel Capture

The height difference is part of the explanation of the phenomenon. science channel capture

british psychologist Rob McIntoshfrom the University of Edinburgh, explores how our eyes deceive us every time we hit one of these gravitational hills.

And that raises, perhaps, the main point of the incident: lose sight of the horizon: “We are inside a tilted land,” he explains in a video Science Channel.

“The whole landscape slopes down like this, and the road slopes down in the same direction, but by a lesser amount, so the relative gradient appears to be going in the opposite direction“, he confirms with a view to clarifying the situation.

A Practical Example Of An Optical Illusion.  Science Channel Capture

A practical example of an optical illusion. science channel capture

Another study in 2003 suggests that the absence of a horizon helps to change perspective by recreating a series on these gravitational hills. The Realms of “Antigravity,” Reveal 20 Minutes,

Researchers from the Universities of Padua and Pavia in Italy have determined that without an actual horizon in sight, contexts such as trees or signs play a trick on the human brain.

“The perceived slope depends on the height of the visible horizon. The inclination of the surface is underestimated with respect to the horizontal plane,” begins the research published in Psychological Science.

The Driverless Car Only Appears To Be Going Up.  Science Channel Capture

The driverless car only appears to be going up. science channel capture

And he expands: “When it precedes, follows, or flanks a steep downhill slope, a slightly downhill section is considered uphill.”

For those who prefer to be amazed live, he offers two cases from The Hills where this incredible phenomenon can be better understood: hill of illusion, in California, United States; why magnetic hillin Canada.

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