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Thursday, April 15, 2021

‘Hindu bitten in mosque in 2008, urination on Ganesha statue in 2020, riot at the instigation of AIMIM in 2021’: Journalist’s big disclosure on buffalo

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The buffalo of Telangana has been in the news for many days due to the riots. Earlier this month, 10 people were injured in the violence, including some journalists. At the same time some houses and vehicles were also burnt. Communal violence is not new here. Similar riots took place in January 2020. A journalist named Mr. Sidhu, who covered these riots, followed Asaduddin Owaisi AIMIM’s hand is pointed out.

Recently, ‘Goa Chronicle’ contacted Sidhu on this Of the whole episode Go about He gave information about the events from January 2020 to March 2021. He said that the riots in January 2020 had turned violent overnight and that Korbha Gali on the Maharashtra-Telangana border was the worst affected. At that time, Muslims organized ‘Ijtima’. Nearly 50,000 people who attended it had raised anti-CAA and NRC slogans along with ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.

Sidhu told that on 12 January 2020, at 8 pm, a Hindu person, fed up with the noise outside, asked the Muslim society not to disturb the people by doing loud programs. Slowly debate ensued and a Muslim man slapped a Hindu boy. He also got a slap in return. Then Muslims from nearby areas gathered there. Within 1 hour, petrol bombs were hurled at the homes of Hindus.

Sidhu said that Muslims continued to insult Hindu deities and even urinated on the idol of Lord Ganesha by raising pro-Pakistan slogans. On Makar Sankranti, urine was made in the offerings and food items made by Hindu women. Hindu women were abused and their jewels taken away. They also wanted to kill children. Mr. Sidhu says that the KCR government did not want anyone to know about this first Hindu-Muslim riot after the formation of Telangana.

No journalist was allowed to go there and the media was denied coverage. Sidhu told that he went there and uploaded many videos, which showed that Hindus did not have houses to live and their resources were burnt. He said that he was threatened by the IT cell of Chief Minister KCR and asked to delete the videos. FIRs were registered against him.

The local RSS unit helped the Hindus rebuild their house. Sidhu while talking about the riots this year said that ‘Ijtima’ was still going on. The riots in Zulfikar and Bhatti lanes had the highest impact and this time too the media was denied coverage. He said that 19 cases have been registered against AIMIM counselor Jabir Ahmed, but the police did not take any action against him.

He is also considered close to the Owaisi brothers. He told that a team of NIA had arrested some terrorists after coming to buffalo and they were also given shelter by AIMIM leaders and local people. Sidhu says that anti-social elements are often sheltered in mosques here. The Hindu processions passing near the mosque are stoned. He claimed that in 2008, a Hindu was taken to a mosque and cut to pieces, sparking riots. Sidhu said:

“Hindus live in the shadow of fear in that area and their lifestyle has become very difficult because the fear of death persists. Buffalo is becoming the second Kashmir. The Muslim population continues to grow. Action is taken against those who raise their voice for Hindus. Journalists were attacked with swords. A journalist is struggling with life and death but does not raise a voice for fear of TRS. A large section of the media is dancing at the behest of the ruling party of the state. ”

He said that TRS and AIMIM are supported by Muslim goons in the buffalo sensitive area of ​​Muslims. He said that with the goal of forcing Hindus to flee here, the policemen are also under political pressure. According to Sidhu, according to the polarization and influence of Muslim votes at the local level, demography has been made such that AIMIM should win.

Talking about the ‘Hindu Vahini’, he said that this organization comes forward to protect the Hindus and to fight the Islamic Jihadis. At the same time, it is alleged that where the youth of ‘Hindu Vahini’ are arrested at the behest of the government, the accused accused roam freely. Policemen have also threatened Hindu activists. There have also been allegations of trapping Hindus by running false cases.

Recently there was also a case of sexual abuse of a minor girl. The victim child and the accused were from different communities and the girl is only 4 years old. It was alleged that after this, the police asked the victim’s family to return to their village without any commotion. BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar had claimed that the police pressured the victims’ families not to tell anyone about the havoc.

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