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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hinduphobia at Rutgers University: Left professor now behind students’ parents

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On 24 April 2021, the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) adopted a landmark proposal (No. 1451-XX) adopting the definition of Hinduphobia. passed the. The proposal came 14 days after the conclusion of the Understanding Hinduphobia Conference.

The conference was organized in the university in view of the frequent Hinduphobic incidents. The petition was filed in March by a group of Hindu students regarding the case. It talked about taking action against the controversial historian and professor Audrey Truschke from the university.

Despite all this, Professor Audrey Truschke instead began to stock up on the parents of the students who attended the conference. Evidence of this was also presented by Rashmi Samant, former president of the Student Union, who was a victim of racism at Oxford University.

Screenshot shared by Rashmi Samant

Samant made public his chat with one of the students of Rutgers University. It is clear that the professor is stocking the parents of the students through LinkedIn.

It is estimated that this is happening only to target Hindu students of the university, just like Rashmi Samanta was created. Samanta writes, “rubbish. Does Audrey Truschke want to run a hate campaign like Oxford’s Abhijeet Sarkar? “

Hindu students wrote a letter to the university against Audrey Truschke

Explain that the issue was raised by Hindu students against Hinduphobic Audrey Truschke. The students wrote to the university and told that Audrey was selling Hinduphobic fiction in the name of history. The petition stated that Audrey tried to despise the Hindu massacre carried out by Aurangzeb.

The letter told how the university is constantly running a campaign of Hinduism, Hindu deities and sacred texts by mocking them. This may threaten their security on campus or on social media due to their religion, anyone can attack them. Hindu students raised the issue with priority when several other faculty members supported Audrey Truschke.

Please tell On 7 March Students of the Hindu group had told how Audrey is creating an atmosphere against the Hindus at Truschke University. At the time of the violence in America, Truske had surrounded the Hindu right-wingers by looking at the Indian flag. After this, he told fake facts about the Bhagavad Gita and put together similar incidents like gangrape, equivalent to the incident of Mahabharata, that there is rape culture in Hindu culture.

Definition of Hinduphobia

Following these incidents, many faculty members of Ratagar supported Audrey Truschke, who was so upset by the Hindu students that they decided to apply to the university. Students held a conference on Hinduphobia. It gave a new definition of Hindophobia with some modifications, which is as follows: “Antagonistic, destructive, and abusive behavior and collective behavior towards Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) and Hindus which may reveal fear or disgust.”

Who is Rashmi Samanta?

Rashmi Samanta is from Karnataka. She was recently elected president of the Oxford Student Union as the first Indian woman. But some of his opponents went viral on social media against him. He was accused of various charges including Islamophobic. As a result, he had to resign from the post in a week. Later, the feudal came to India. Mentally tortured, Samant stayed in the hospital here for several days. After recovering, he decided to finish his studies by going to university again.

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