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His father was a priest, he fell in love with a woman and his music today in Luna Park

The Puerto Rican singer takes his father to all his shows with his amulet: a scapular that belonged to him

In some corner of the world, one feels that their sexuality and faith are at war with each other. He is afraid that it hurts Me. But suddenly the radio plays a song that is the right recipe for healing; as if the verses were joined by the necessary things to these two shores. “Let all those overcome by fear dance blue/Who thought there was sin in love?” sings the Puerto Rican artist kany garciathat This Friday, May 26, Luna Park will do; in particular a kind of cocktail between joy, reflection and healing.

– How do you prepare for this concert?

-I have a very personal relationship with Argentina, because it is the place where I have the most friends, outside of Puerto Rico, and also because there are many things about the country that fascinate me. Yes, not as the Argentine public demands, but it is a hungry public that always wants more and more from you. That’s what I’m showing you the most. I laugh a lot with my musicians, because I prepared more for this show than I do for many others. In fact, for example, I did the last few shows without a musician because he couldn’t be there, but I told him: “you have to do whatever it takes to go from Atlanta to Buenos Aires,” and he flew this Tuesday. here, because it is so important, always show me Argentina. A lot of this has to do with the love I have for my country and with the fact that the diversity they have in their musical history makes them a great reference for us, coming from such a distant island.

-In fact, it will be the first time you sing “Out of service”, the together that you released this Thursday, what is your story with this song?

– Recently I have had people in my life who were going through things for which they did not answer me, or they said “I am not well, I do not like to go out”, and he continues insisting. For I really want to get people from the hole and, if there is no one, to take care of them; the very chicken we say mother. This is where the word “Out of duty” originates, from the beginning to understand that the people also need that respect. So I do as the first, but the song is that from the third angle the singer for me.

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With this desire to care, Kany García also became a visible image which, indeed, lives in secret for many. This Puerto Rican fell in love with his personal trainer after separating from a relationship of more than ten years with his ex-husband; Joscelin Troche. So, in February 2016, when he was 33, he was decorated for his bravery and attended a gala for the Marco Antonio Maestro Care Foundation in New York with his benefit.

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Thus he testified to the world who would love a woman. Maybe something I don’t know, but there it is. In a post that he sent to Instagram, to make it even clearer who his partner was that night, he wrote: “Oh the perfect moment opening my heart and I’m going to show myself like a weekend lover. Love always triumphs, always delivers and always transforms. Today I want to lay down my fears and face my truth. This is how I share a very special photo with you this wonderful woman who stole my heart, who makes me happy and adds to my life. Because I believe good is not hidden, but shared. That if something is not tolerated, it is sin, love and that I want to look straight at the end of the road and embrace myself knowing that I have always been faithful in my life. So I share my fullness with you. When you speak with love and truth, only good things can happen.”

-At that time, with the exception of Sandra Mihanovich, almost no one was known to be in a relationship with another woman, were you afraid?

-Oops, yes horrible! I had already made up my mind, the plan was quite clear, but there was no reason why the fear was not there, I had to live with it. And so, physically weak, the day before I had the wreck, I had a weak stomach. We decided to introduce this photo essay, but that night I boldly said: “Today we are going to our first event as a couple, we are going to do the carpet together.” It is true that I like “now, immediately”, but it is very difficult. I actually didn’t click to upload the photo to Instagram, my wife had to do it. That night I was with her and two friends, I had two drinks of vodka, and I said to her: “Now I’m ready, here’s the cell phone.” It was very nice, because it was a lot of awareness with my friends. From what I’ve learned, it doesn’t matter if your family supports you or not, it’s important to have a circle of support that doesn’t have blood roots, but emotional roots. Without which everything is complicated.

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How do you live with it all?

When I began to know in public policy, what I did, I began to have the power, not of myself, but of those who wrote to me. What he did moved a very large collective and a lot of people who had difficulty because they loved God, but also, a woman or a man, or they identified themselves in different ways. We realized that ours was much more powerful and we use my partner as an example, because together, every time we took a photo or whatever, we normalized and saw many things that were bigger than us.

– What did you learn or what did these experiences transform you?

– O blessed one. It gave me an inhuman feeling of pain, of injustice… And in fact, if I could go back or believe that other lives would come, I would love the same thing: to be a woman again and to be in this group, because the fact of the injustice of living on the skin and the ability to have a microphone, it seems to me really attractive complexion.

– You have spoken in many conversations about your relationship with your mother and father, who had been a priest, but what do you feel?

-Perhaps when someone has already cooked something, he says this without the passion of the event, but very hard. I don’t know if I dare, but I mentioned that conversation, because I wanted to know how my mother and father were doing, and I knew that I was in such a state of shock that I would not go. you will be able to digest the words for the worthy. I think it softens some things, but that day my mother could not even speak; he cried out and said: “What your father says, what your father says”, because he could not, he had no tools, but at the instant with which my father made me see him in the eye delivering him and. healing., when I spoke to him. He said to me: “Look in my eyes, I want to tell you that you are the same for me and I will do what I have to do to help you and be there.” It is true that I could not even speak. I am a woman of many voices and I think it is the first time in my life that he has left me without being able to say anything and, as if he was talking about the song “Out of office”, I said that I was protecting myself; I don’t even want to love myself. So I’m always there for someone else and I don’t find that surprising, but it’s difficult for me to be singled out, and what I needed most at the time was to please and what I felt most. most welcome It changes everything, but it is not the real story of many collectives or what they tell me in the literature I accept.

Singer-songwriter kany garcía says that if he was born again, he would "to be a woman again and to be in society again" lgbt

Singer-songwriter Kany García says that if he were born again, he would want to “be a woman again and be in the LGBT community again.”

– Your father stopped being a priest when he fell in love with your mother, but he was always connected to the Church. How did faith and sexuality force your life in those first moments when you found your inclination?

– The image of Jesus that you taught us at home is Jesus who loves, forgives, does not judge and loves you for who you are; and my father has always been in the image of a close church, which is not the church that we have come to know shamefully in these years. He made it so easy for me. He thought a lot about the relationship he had with his parents, and how difficult it was to tell them that he had to break the belief that he would continue to be a priest. So he said to me: “It is good that I have the opportunity to correct what my parents cannot do with me.” And it’s very funny that the other day, for example, I was on a plane and a guy came up to me and said: “Look, I wanted to tell you that I love your music and you’re going to look super foreign because I’m a pastor”, and I laughed and died and I answered : “Well, it will seem strange to you that I am a Christian”. It is very curious that there are still no bridges between Christianity and the orientation that we love. I think we have a long way to go, but it is amazing that with my wife we ​​can feel both at the same time.

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Every time Kany García goes on stage, a part of her father comes up with her, not only because of the passion that flows from the lines of “I Confieso”, a song dedicated to him when he died in 2017, but because the singer has it almost like an amulet to shoulder The garment, which the religious wear on their shoulders, hangs before and behind. These are among the greatest memories of him today.

-How did the day give you?

-I dreamed that I was going to leave. My father was a Carmelite; So I always had to scapular. With cancer in the last days we were in the hospital, and they came to him to do some X-rays, and because he could not have the chain, he gave it to me. It was the day before Father’s Day, I remember. He was released in the morning. Obviously, when they are sick, already in the last few days, they are always in and out of the hospital. I said, “Great, we can celebrate Father’s Day.” We went home and I gave him the chain, but he said to me: “No, I want to have you, more than I need.” He was silent again. He was the only one who ever did that to me. Then I had I remember when he retired, all the brothers who were about to come to the chain were surprised. My brother understood that he was the firstborn. I didn’t say that I already had it until I saw it in the photograph, and then I realized that he had left it for me.

Denying the world about his sexuality, kany garcia said: "good is not hidden but common"

When telling the world about his sexuality, Kany García said: “It’s not good to hide, but to share.”

-What do you feel called?

— (some time to think) To unite. Absolutely, in one way or another: through education, through speaking, singing, through music and everything I do.

– Both in the way of music beyond genres, as in your life, you are a very free person, what is freedom for you?

– It is total and absolute fear, because fear is a terrible prison, but freedom is the opposite: it is not a wall.

Then he proposes a way to stand against that terror, which they still experience: “We will jump the blue for all who have been overcome by fear.”

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