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His fight with Mr. T that ruined the series and was mourned by some: George Pepper, actor hated by his fellow Brigade A

One of the protagonists of squad a along with george peppard, mr. T, dirk benedict and dwight schultz
One of the protagonists of Squad A along with George Peppard, Mr. T, Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz

The adventures of a team of frontier heroes – former members of the US military who are imprisoned for a crime they haven’t committed, and when they escape, they make a living solving cases against criminals – only four years lasted from 1983 to 1987. but they were enough to Brigade A One of the most remembered series.

mario baracus ,mr to) was the person who carried the group on his shoulder when the situation needed to be strengthened. temptress templeton peck ,Dirk Benedict) was able to achieve the impossible when required by the mission. how to forget murdock ,Dwight Shultz), expert pilot who managed to get his friends out of the most complicated situations. And we should not ignore who history has tried to successfully remove: Journalist amy allen ,Melinda Culio), the only woman in the brigade.

The main link in this group is missing: Col Hannibal Smith, Boss, who portrayed the ex-servicemen’s band every move. This character was played by George Pepperard, On screen he presented himself as the best-natured of the group, almost like that kind and good-natured grandfather. To bring to light the consequences of the Vietnam War, in its essence, in a script he tried to convey to the public.

George pepperard, young
George Pepperard, young

However, when the cameras were turned off the perfect orchestra was not the same. Over the years, the details of what happened on set became known, and the one who remained in the eye of the storm was Pepperd. He was one of cinema’s greats at the time, a true star in the 60s—thanks to his leading roles. Breakfast Al Tiffany’s, conquest of the west You unsatisfied, among others—who, as is often the case, tried to put himself several steps above the rest of the cast. And it caused responses.

As they say, George took the plate from his record. Plus, he didn’t care to make new friends, he wasn’t interested in pleasing the cast, and he let it be known. Dwight Schultz spoke about this in 2004, when fans asked him about his collaborators on that memorable project. When it was his turn to talk about Peppard, he said: “It was an exceptional professional, On the first day I walked on the set of Brigade AI went to the makeup salon and she shook my hand: He told me, ‘I’m George Pepperd and I’m not a very nice guy.,

George pepperd and sophia loren in operation crossbow, a film released in 1965 (photo: filmpublicityarchive/united archives by getty images)
George Pepperd and Sophia Loren in Operation Crossbow, a film released in 1965 (Photo: FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives by Getty Images)

,it was very competitive And a movie star. Sometimes film stars think everyone is like them.” murdock, And he quickly remarked that the lyrics of each scene depended on Peppard: it had to adapt to what they wanted or what they set out to do. “If he didn’t like a part of the script, he would have quickly flagged it and guessed, ‘That’s what I’m going to say. And obviously your lines completely depend on what they decided on that page,” his former partner explained.

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The strongest clashes of the actor were mr to, High on the level of the audience, jealousy blossomed among them. The Reason? popularity of mario baracus among teenagers It was a wave that covered everyone. And of course, the one who took the worst of it was Pepperd. His decision was to reduce his workday. Those were 14 hours, and at one point, the actor arbitrarily decided to cut his work at 5 PM. Barakas contacted the production and told them they were all mates and that if George left at that time, he would too. The tension caused one of several pauses.

George pepperard, a true movie star (photo: art zelin/getty images)
George Pepperard, a true movie star (Photo: Art Zelin/Getty Images)

By the end, they weren’t talking. It became impossible for the entire team to work in that environment. The makers did not want to reduce the hit in size and tried their best to fix the issue. When he understood there was no turning back, he called the actor Hulk Hoganwho was a friend of the two, to intervene, but could not enter Brigade A To commit to other projects. Another option was to call Robert Vaughn, which eventually joined to be the final chapter. Because nothing has been achieved. And there was no other option but to finalize the series.

After the abrupt end, Pepperard’s life in the media faded. Somehow he felt that he had given everything where he had come by chance. If we go to his teenage years, he joined the army as soon as he completed his schooling. He belonged to the naval artillery, holding the rank of corporal. After a few years there, the first thing he did when he left was to start studying civil engineering. Meanwhile, he worked as a taxi driver, in a radio station and even as a teller in a bank so that he could afford his studies. Thanks to this he managed to get.

Public figures, private enemies: george pepperard and mr. T (photo: avalon/getty images)
Public figures, private enemies: George Pepperard and Mr. T (Photo: Avalon/Getty Images)

But Pepperard didn’t feel comfortable: He had followed a race to fulfill a mandate and work in the family business. When his father died, he felt free, and sought his fate in other ways, wanting to write his own story. At the age of 26, he enrolled in a drama school and at the age of 30 he made his first United States Steel Hour, Despite his late admission, his career was on the rise and was very successful beyond his way of being and the way he treated his colleagues (badly) which he did not see on his level.

after they left Brigade AFilmed three more films and after shooting retired in 1992 due to health problems the tigress, His addiction to cigarettes caused lung cancer. To this was also added excessive consumption of alcohol. Although he had three children – two from his first marriage and another with his second partner – he died alone, spending the last few years in a rehabilitation center where he could not receive regular visitors, according to the rules of the place. According to.

George peppard was last seen in public (photo: françois pugnett/sigma, via getty images)
George Peppard was last seen in public (Photo: François Pugnett/Sigma, via Getty Images)

George Pepperard’s life ended on May 8, 1994, at the University of California Hospital in Los Angeles. There he arrived with severe respiratory complications that had no solution. He died a few hours after being hospitalized, only 65 years old.

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