His stove broke, he called a gas fitter to fix it, and he was saved from a scam: The Incredible Sequence.

On many occasions, homes break down artifacts that are difficult or need to be repaired on their own. work of an expert, For this reason, it is common for gas technicians, electricians, plumbers, and other types of professionals to be called in over and over again.

Although sometimes it’s hard to trust strangers because you don’t know what are they worth This type of work is usually decided to be done because there are problems in the house that cannot wait and must be resolved immediately.

This happened to Daniela, who decided to call the gas man because she needed fix the stove And this was not a case that could wait. girl published it in TwitterIn no time it went viral and got many reactions.

What did the girl who called the gas worker posted on Twitter

“The gas chulha came to fix it. He sees and tells me that he is going to buy the spare part, I don’t know what, he there was no fix, I tell him that I will go with him to pay by card. stayed and Found a solution without changing anything,wrote.

Tweet is already 1,471 retweets, 69 quoted tweets, 65k likesIn addition to the many comments from people recommending what to do in these situations “so as not to fall into scams”,

“As a business person, I tell you that any professional who is going to do any work that requires materials, start by telling them that you buy them“No matter how much money you give him, you have to bill “There’s a meltdown” of what they’ve spent, but it’s like that, they always find a way to fuck off. I work in a hardware store and it’s very common for them to ask you to put it little more what they spentThere were some reactions.

However, others told him similar conditions What did they have to go through? “Same case, but with someone who fixes the refrigerator. He took it, I only fixed the display and he charged me 10 thousand pesos, he never opened it. One week stopped walking“I called him and he didn’t come”, “He connected the water heater and it was not working properly. He told me that I would have to replace all the pipes and it would cost a lot of money. another person came and told me it could be they connected wrong water inlet and outlet hoses”He expressed

Due to the impact generated by the tweet, Nayak got tired of getting advice. ,stop repeating me That I have to ask for an invoice so as not to be ‘part of the problem’. The part was not needed, what has the invoice got to do with it? I also said that I want to pay by card.”


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