Historic find in Necochia: a rural Ford Sierra zero kilometer in exceptional condition


Amazing find in town! They find a rural Ford Sierra Zero Kilometer in an exceptional state of preservation. A surprising discovery was made in a garage in Necochia, where a rural Ford Sierra was found in zero kilometer condition.

The new owner could not believe his luck that the vehicle was kept intact even though the seat covers were still on. After a careful cleaning, the new owner decided to show it off at a car show, leaving everyone in awe of its excellent condition. This car model manufactured in Argentina in the 80s and 90s is considered by some to be one of the few zero kilometer Ford Sierras in the country.

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The vehicle was launched in Argentina in 1984 and became a real revolution both for its exterior design and for its technical innovations. Furthermore, in its early years, the model offered two versions with 1.6 and 2.3 engines, the latter coming from Taunus. Design, driving comfort and road stability were the main features of the Ford Sierra, thanks to its independent suspension system on the rear axle. In its most complete version, the car offered a high level of comfort, as expected of a vehicle positioned in the medium-high segment of the brand in Argentina.

The Ford Sierra zero kilometer search has been added to the list of vehicles found in perfect condition, as has the Toyota Hilux 2001 truck. When the car was discovered, it was covered in a thick layer of dust and its tires were under-inflated, giving it the appearance of a used vehicle. However, one important detail revealed its true status: it was patent-free. Plus, its bodywork didn’t have any bumps or scratches, and when you look through the windows, you can see the plastic on the seats without removing them.

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Ford Sierra is in exceptional condition with zero kilometers on the paint with no scratches or flaws, The pictures of the interior of the car impressed everyone, especially the fans of the model, as it shows the seats with their protective plastic and the door upholstery in perfect condition.

The Ford Sierra grew in popularity in the mid-1980s with the launch of the XR4 Coupé, which acted as one of the most prominent rivals in the Argentine automobile market alongside the Renault Fuego Coupé built in Córdoba.

In short, this amazing find proves that there are still vintage vehicles in excellent condition waiting to be discovered and admired by fans of the brand. Undoubtedly, this zero kilometer rural Ford Sierra is a true gem that was discovered in Necochia and is now a part of the country’s automotive history.

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Historic Find In Necochia: A Rural Ford Sierra Zero Kilometer In Exceptional Condition


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