Historic: Puma beat All Blacks for the first time in New Zealand

Best plays from Argentina’s win over New Zealand

The Argentine rugby team again stunned the world in a match against the All Blacks, The most powerful team on the planet in this game. In a match played at the Orangetheory Stadium in Christchurch, New Zealand, Within the framework of the third date of the Rugby Championship, the national team registered a 25–18 win against New Zealand. This is how they secured their second win in history against the Marine team (they repeated the milestone of November 2020, when they won in Sydney).

Before the match, the ceremony included the usual – but no less exciting – hymn singing. After the New Zealanders saw the Haka, Los Pumas sang verses from the Argentine anthem. Minutes later, on his social network he published postcards of the emotional moment and “the sound of the anthem and our chests filled with emotion. We all played the game!”, as if it were a prelude to what was to come.

Argentine team happy after defeating All Blacks in New Zealand

In the 17th minute Emiliano Boffelli put the Argentine team ahead with a penalty near the positions and with a minimal margin where the All Blacks scored 5 and Los Pumas 6. However, minutes later there was a ONE penalty for New Zealand and Richie Mounga gave the locals the advantage.

Although at Los Pumas they knew how to put themselves forward with a lot of concentration and defense, their failure to get a line in 26 minutes forced the All Blacks to seek revenge and found themselves in a 15–6 position. Was successful in making the second attempt. However, a few minutes later Julian Montoya got a penalty and Emiliano Boffelli managed a shot from 50 meters to make it 15-9.

Juan Cruz Mallia in action against all blacks (Photo by Marty Melville / AFP)
Juan Cruz Mallia in action against all blacks (Photo by Marty Melville / AFP)

During the next minutes, Los Pumas focused on a very close match that ended their first leg in a tightrope. Although the Argentine team was determined, the All Blacks attacked more forcefully and They managed to close the first half 15-12.

The second half started in Argentina’s favor as Los Pumas got their first attempt in the first minute which helped them put themselves in a better position against New Zealand. From there, those commanded by Michael Cheeka paused. The main key of the game was in defence, as the locals only managed to add three points to the full complement.

Los Pumas’ attempt against New Zealand

The great hero of the time was Emiliano Boffelli, his kick . with, He was the top scorer for the national team with 20 points out of 25 in the game. “I am very excited”said Rosario on the playground.

,I am very happy for the players, We do a lot of training, with a lot of information. They are always ready to add anything new that we want to do in sports. Tonight was a big challenge, but believe me they. I am very proud of the team”, expressed the Australian after the historic victory. Another detail that measures this huge win is the record against the Los All Blacks, which includes 31 losses, 1 draw and 2 wins.

Prior to this duel, Australia registered a 25–17 win against South Africa. With these results, Los Pumas outperforms everyone with wallabies by 9 units. Then the All Blacks (5) and Springbox (4) appear.

Puma confronts all blacks (Photo by Marty Melville / AFP)
Puma confronts all blacks (Photo by Marty Melville / AFP)

Although he began his journey with a 26–41 loss to Australia at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza, Albicelestes later returned after defeating the same opponent 48–17 at the San Juan Bicentennial. His next appearance will be again on 3 September against the All Blacks in Christchurch. Then he will play a double date against South Africa. at Jose Amalfitani on 17 September and at King’s Park Stadium in Durban on the 24th of the same month.

These two victories become more relevant if one takes into account that in the 2021 edition, after a pandemic-caused stoppage for Argentina, the performance was one of the weakest: they lost all six games they played. Including a 39. -0 against Nueva Zeeland.


New Zealand: Jordi Barrett; Will Jordan, Rico Ioane, David Havily and Caleb Clark; Richie Heeler; Aaron Smith and Ardi Sevia; Sam Kane (Captain) and Shannon Frizzell; Scott Barrett and Sam Whitlock; Tyrell Lomax, Samisoni Touqi’Aho and Ethan de Groot: coach: Ian Foster.

Argentina: John Cruz Mallia; Emiliano Boffelli, Matthias Moroni, Matthias Orlando and Lucio Cinti; James Carreras and Gonzalo Bertranou; Paul Matera, Mark Kramer and John Martin Gonzalez; Thomas Lavanini and Matthias Germanano; Joel Sclavey, Julian Montoya (Captain) and Thomas Gallo. coach: Michael Cheeka.

Estadio: Orangetheory Stadium (Christchurch).

Referee: Nika Amashukeli (Georgia).

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