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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Hit ‘Live in Partner’ in Palghar, selected in bathroom wall

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Palghar is again in the limelight after the lynching of the sadhus and the recent burning of the Navy soldier alive. There, a person allegedly killed his ‘live in partner’ and got the corpse selected in the wall of the flat.

The incident is related to the Vrindavan Darshan Complex located in Palghar, Maharashtra, which people are surprised to hear about. According to reports Suraj Harmalkar and his live-in partner Amita Mohite lived in the flat number 101 of the Vrindavan Darshan Complex.

For the past few months, Amita (32) was not seen, only the sun was seen coming and going. On receipt of this complaint, the police reached the flat for investigation. Meanwhile, ambulance, police photographer and forensic team also came with the police.

The workers along with the policemen had come and it was a surprise for the people around. Soon, a crowd gathered outside the Vrindavan Darshan Complex but no one understood the incident.

The police started vandalizing as soon as they entered the flat and in a short time the policemen came out with the corpse. After this, the people around them understood the whole matter. The corpse belonged to Sooraj’s live-in partner Amita, both of whom lived together in the flat.

According to the police, the body of Amita was removed by breaking the wall of the flat’s bathroom. The corpse was picked into that wall about 4 months ago. Half of amita The corpse was rotten. His body had become a bundle of bones. The police have currently sent the body for postmortem.

The police has started questioning Suraj in the case. It is being said in the reports that Suraj is allegedly behind this murder. Only after the completion of the police investigation will be clear who is really responsible for the murder of Amita.

Right now everyone is shocked by this incident but after this many questions also arise. If Suraj killed Amita, what could be the reason behind it? When the two were living together for a long time, what could be the reason for the murder? The police is currently investigating the case, which will be revealed only after its completion.

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