H&M Home accessories for your kitchen succeed for a material that never goes out of style

H&M Home accessories for your kitchen succeed for a material that never goes out of style

The kitchen is one of the largest rooms in the house. For if it is a place where food is stored and prepared, something vital and necessary, it is also one of the living rooms in the house. In it, family members are usually gathered, either to eat, to cook, or even to work or do homework, in the case of children, when one member of the family is dedicated to another task.

And in the kitchen many memories are made, either ours, our grandparents or our parents, so it is important that it is kept in good condition. You never know what might happen to her. So don’t leave your choice of furniture or accessories to chance. And in these cases, if you want to update them, you should definitely know about the proposals from H&M Home. A luxury item at an affordable price for all budgets.

Marble kitchen accessories from H&M Home

Although the colors are made to taste, and to the forms and materials, certainly no one would want to give up his kitchen of distinction. Especially at a great price. The kind and style you can achieve by adding marbles, like the ones in their H&M Home catalog, puts luxury at your fingertips. Offerings ranging from bowls to mortars, salt shakers or dishes. and this will be in your kitchen, regardless of style, design and size.

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H&M House marble accessories

It is already known that marbles, in any of their shades, both the lightest and the darkest, combine everything, because they never collide with the fundamental sounds. In addition to their quality, the kitchen accessories from H&M House that we want to highlight have beautiful designs and elegant finishes that will make your kitchen, or your table, no envy of those big hotels and luxury homes.

Marble kitchen accessories from H&M Home

Sculpts that fill tables and counters with elegance and sophistication

Do you want to know these propositions of H&M House for your kitchen? Well, we start with a nice tray with silicone blocks on the base. Available in white or gray marble (as a natural material, the color and appearance may vary from one product to another), its price is 34.99 coins and the measurements are 1.5 cm high x 25 cm wide and x 35 cm long. Not only well.

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And the white marble tray

For 24.99 coins you can get one with rounded edges and measures 2.5 cm high x 15 cm wide and 30 cm long. There are also two round and a third model of the cake type, with a marble or metal base and a diameter of 28 cm, and a height of 8 cm. This costs 39.99 European coins and will be served with a cake or a cake on top, as it will be viewed as one of the best restaurants in the city.

And a white marble tray for cakes

Marble kitchen accessories in different and beautiful shades

We also highlight a marble bowl with a foot with a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 18 cm, which is priced at 39.99 and, in addition to gray marble, it is also available in light beige marble, in this case with a height of 11 cm. internal diameter 15.8 cm. Its price is 42.99 coins. You’ll definitely love the marble mortar and pestle, which costs 19.99 coins and measures 7 cm tall, with an outer diameter of 11 cm and an inner diameter of 9 cm.

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marble with cement and hair

There is also a white marble bowl for sale, which costs 12.99 coins and measures 3 cm high and 9.5 cm in diameter. If you like, you can use small marble bowls of salt and pepper shakers with spoons to match. an oval metal tray. Available in grey, beige and black or beige and silver, the dishes have a diameter of 7 cm and a height of 4.7 cm. The tray measures 7.5 cm wide x 15.8 cm long, with a 1.2 cm thick rim. They cost 24.99 European coins.

marble bowls for salt and pepper

Finally, you can complete this marble collection for your kitchen with a white moonstone mappula holder. It is 5.5 cm high, 8 cm high, 15.9 cm wide and costs 27.99 in cash. It is important to note that all these utensils and kitchen accessories, all suitable for coming into contact with food, must be washed by hand. In neither the macro nor the free policy.


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