Homero Zamorano, the driver of Chola culture and the ‘gallon’ in social networks

Homero Zamorano, the driver of Chola culture and the 'gallon' in social networks

on 27th June, homer zamorano, a 45-year-old American, got behind the wheel of a trailer that had 64 migrants in its box. This man of Latin origin and Chola culture parked the vehicle on a rural road St. Anthony, in the shade under a temperature of 40 degrees. 50 people died and another 11 are fighting for their lives in local hospitals.

in their social networks, Zamorano He looks like a hunk. Wearing a hat and holding a cholo symbol with his hands, his profile pictures have attracted comments from several women showing him: “You look great”, “Baby, reply me to chat”. and “You are so beautiful and incredibly hot”.

Today’s homie Texas is in danger of reaching death row with its alleged financial operator, Christian Martinez28, both are charged with offenses related to migrant smuggling.

prosecution and internal security department he warned that If found guilty, they will face life imprisonment or the death penalty, which includes lethal injection.

in similar tragedies St. AnthonyAll smugglers who have committed the crime of releasing undocumented immigrants out into the open and some of them have died are now serving life sentences and have a pending case that could have a similar fate.

History seems to be repeating twice in 2003, 2017 and 2022 with trucks full of migrants found under the Texas heat while being “lifted” to safe homes or transferred to endpoints of detention. Huh.

Fortunately, undocumented people are rescued and hospitalized for dehydration or heat stroke.And even manage to escape. in the worst case, They were put to death without being able to do anything, drivers face an elaborate investigation and an exemplary penalty by federal authorities, primarily Department of Internal Security and Immigration and Customs Control Service.

Generally, charges are made for each of the dozens of migrants who are transported in overcrowded conditions at the same time and inside trailers.

In addition to using sentences as a way of deterring other human traffickers from doing so, officers always identify undocumented victims as victims and witnesses, and drivers as victims.

Drivers, for their part, generally agreed to cooperate by giving their own version of events, in which they say they had no idea they were transporting migrants in their trailer boxes. In the last three cases, it has been determined that Drivers receive typical payments of between $800 and $5,500 to transport people,

in present, homing pigeon Zamorano He faces a charge of transporting illegal immigrants that results in death, with the potential for life in prison or the death penalty.

The allegation is so serious that the authorities requested preventive custody in order to involve minor victims, to run the risk of escape, and for the accused to represent a danger to society.