Homes and property for sale: nowhere to go after canceling three-year cruise

Homes and property for sale: nowhere to go after canceling three-year cruise

Passengers embarking on a three-year trip around the world had a nasty surprise when they found out a few days before boarding that their cruise was cancelled, after sometimes selling all their belongings to buy a place on the boat.

The trip of a lifetime has become a dream of a lifetime for these people who waited several days for the departure of the Life at Sea Cruises ship that finally did not arrive, CNN reported Friday.

After postponing the start of the cruise three times, the company finally admitted on November 17 that the trip was canceled because it ran out of ships.

The cruise was originally scheduled to depart from Istanbul, Turkey, on November 1. She was finally moved back to November 11 and then November 30 and was scheduled to sail from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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However, some passengers – who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a cabin on the boat – are still in Istanbul, for lack of anywhere else to go.

In fact, some people sold or rented their house in preparation for the trip and would have taken their belongings.

“There are a lot of people who have nowhere to go, and some need their refund to plan somewhere to go – that’s not good right now,” one passenger told US media.

A delayed refund

Customers also risk waiting months before seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars invested.

The company said it will make monthly payments starting in mid-December before ending at the end of February.

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Accommodation costs are covered until December 1 and return flights from Istanbul are also paid for by the company.