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Honesty in Emotional Intelligence, the Key to Success

Do you define yourself as an honest person? Who are those who do their work with diligence and self-discipline? Then you would like to know that this is a very important variable of emotional intelligence. We explain the reason for that link.

Honesty In Emotional Intelligence, The Key To Success

Last Update: February 06, 2023

Meticulous, self-demanding, efficient, careful… what images come to mind when we describe someone with these characteristics? You can imagine the classic picky eater, one who complains about finicky and is somewhat obsessive. However, these qualities usually underlie a high-value personality trait in the human being.

We are talking about conscience. Because Conscientious people show the kind of practical diligence that knows how to control their emotions. To guide them towards a goal. They are firm and effective personalities who combine calmness of character with responsibility and self-control.

So much so, that they are not only more likely to achieve their goals, but also show better psychological well-being. However, as is always the case with personality traits, sometimes said trait can reach its peak and then, yes, obsessive and maladaptive behaviors appear.

However, those who retain the most focused and self-regulated expression of this trait They usually display good strength in emotional intelligence. We delve into the reason for this interesting link.

“Every honest person will always be in need.”

-Popular proverb-

Conscientiousness is one of the personality traits of the Big Five model and one of the variables that is related to emotional intelligence.

Conscientiousness in Emotional Intelligence: How Does It Manifest Itself?

Although we can all train ourselves and develop better skills in emotional intelligence, there are people who have a solid foundation in this factor. Already from childhood and adolescence they are very effective in managing and controlling emotions; Also in their social skills and self-awareness. Is it genetics, maybe? Actually, it is caused by personality factors.

Conscientiousness has a direct correlation with emotional intelligence, which Salovey and Mayer already told us In his theory published in 2016. The Big Five model, which analyzed different dimensions of personality, precisely described this dimension as the basis for self-control. And it is this basic quality that facilitates many processes in an emotionally competent person.

Now let us see what a man or woman with these characteristics is like, how he or she acts and reacts.

1. Responsibility and Reliability: You can trust that I do what I say

An honest person does his work with great responsibility and discipline. He is committed to the goals he sets not only for himself but also for the people around him. One of their qualities is to be a reliable personality who can be relied upon in almost any aspect. They never fail.

His self-demand is focused not exclusively on achievement, on conquering goals, but on treating others fairly. He has very strong values. They follow through on what they say and are the presence that doesn’t fail, That they do not betray because their principles and integrity do not allow it.

Conscientious personalities show good emotional intelligence as they are very careful about their social interactions. They don’t make promises they can’t keep and are very careful and respectful in their relationships.

2. Impulse control: I think before I speak and act

Conscientiousness in emotional intelligence configures a trait of great value because of its good impulse control. His conscientious and careful behavior is explained by his skillful emotional self-regulation, It is a tool that always allows them to react and act in a thoughtful and careful manner.

They will always exercise caution, calmly consider each option, and will rarely say anything they haven’t thought of before. Something like this allows them not only to make better decisions, but also to treat others with respect.

3. Persistence, goal-oriented motivation

When Daniel Goleman described the variables that govern emotional intelligence, he gave a relevant place to motivated behavior. A purpose-oriented state of mind makes it easier for us to better resist frustration, combine efforts, ingenuity, and focus on what we want.

Motivation and persistence are two sides of the same coin and both qualities are reinforced And they are possible for an honest personality. This is what is explained to us, for example, by University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth in her book Grit: Passion and persistence, A task that describes the mechanisms that make it easier for us to achieve success.

Honest people know that well-being and happiness also require effort and hard work, and they are great experts at it.

4. Personal and relational self-care

Conscientiousness in emotional intelligence is not only a mechanism for social success, it is also a mechanism for mental well-being. Truth is this We are dealing with a personality trait defined above all by a good internal locus of control. That is, the person understands that he himself is responsible for his circumstances, his decisions and consequences.

This means that the discipline that defines them is also oriented towards taking care of their quality of life and their social, emotional, family relationships etc. Caring for their own and others’ well-being is also a purpose in which they put effort and energy., They know that happiness also requires effort and hard work and they are great experts in this.

Conscientious people score high in emotional intelligence and are highly valued individuals in companies.

To be honest, this is not being manic or obsessive, in fact, we are dealing with a little understood personality trait. Companies can benefit significantly if they have employees with this trait in their workforce. They associate efficiency with responsibility, diligence with the ability to achieve.

In addition, they are individuals very capable of emotional intelligence and, as we well know, this ability underlies the ability to create a more harmonious, respectful, productive and happy social environment.

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