HONOR Redefines the Future of Smartphone Photography with AI-Powered Professional-Grade Falcon Camera System at MWC 2024

HONOR Redefines the Future of Smartphone Photography with AI-Powered Professional-Grade Falcon Camera System at MWC 2024

In recent years, mirrorless cameras have continued to improve in hardware, becoming the preferred choice for photography enthusiasts.

One aspect worth highlighting is the increase in shutter speed. Thus, manufacturers offer mirrorless cameras that capture images quickly and sequentially. These capabilities are especially beneficial in sports, wildlife, and action photography, where the ability to capture quick moments is critical.

In response to the growing popularity of ‘sportography’ and the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), smartphone manufacturers have made great efforts to improve capture speed and image clarity. Recognizing this trend, HONOR integrated AI technology into smartphone photography and implemented significant improvements in both hardware and software, bringing professional-grade photos to its smartphones, allowing users to capture exciting sports moments with extraordinary clarity. When permission was granted, the fleeting nature of these events was surprisingly preserved. Description.

The HONOR Magic6 series comes with an AI-powered professional grade Falcon Camera System, exemplifying the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence in photography. It features a remarkable 180MP telephoto periscope lens and a host of industry-first features, including a custom HDR sensor with ultra-large dynamic range capabilities and ultra-large variable aperture.

Unprecedented Speed: Boosting HONOR’s Falcon Camera System to Professional-Grade Capabilities

Introducing the HONOR Magic5 series, the HONOR Falcon camera system has undergone extensive optimization to deliver an industry-leading shooting experience. This established a solid foundation for the HONOR Magic6 series, which features an updated professional grade Falcon camera system. With improvements in dynamic range, light sensitivity, long-range vision and dynamic images, the HONOR Magic6 series takes the speed of photography to new heights.

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The inclusion of a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator, which combines autofocus (AF) and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) functionalities, delivers industry-leading focusing speeds for every complex snapshot scenario. By further enhancing the capabilities of both the algorithm and the Falcon camera system, HONOR Magic6 Pro becomes a versatile and reliable device for high-speed shooting in terms of shutter speed and frame rate. This comprehensive development ensures a unique experience, allowing photographers to capture the essence of fleeting moments at various focal lengths and panoramic scenes with ease.

To challenge the world-class effectiveness of its Falcon camera system, HONOR partnered with Cecilia Burder, a renowned French fencer, and one of the UK’s leading visual effects studios to showcase the photographic power of the HONOR Magic6 Pro.

Advancements on the upcoming HONOR Magic6 series cameras include an extensive training data set of eight million images, representing an increase of approximately 3,000% compared to the previous generation. Thanks to HONOR AI Motion Sensing 2.0, HONOR Magic6 Pro can capture the best moments in more than 10 scenarios.

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Capture like a professional: Sports portrait algorithm gives you the look and feel of a professional-grade camera

HONOR Magic6 Pro features Sports Portrait Algorithm, allowing photographers to easily capture portrait shots with natural blur effect, even in fast-moving scenarios, achieving the effect equivalent to an optical lens It happens. On the back, the algorithm allows the camera to capture multiple frames and merge them into a single image, intelligently optimizing the portrait and background frames respectively before the final output. Using fast and accurate focusing and motion detection, the algorithm captures dynamic portrait frames in clear detail. Thanks to binocular depth estimation and sports portrait segmentation, the background is precisely adjusted with a natural blur effect using the wide-angle lens and telephoto lens at the same time. Finally, the image is calibrated and multiple frames are assembled to provide realistic light and shadow information with accurate depth-of-field relationships.

Towards a clearer image: Honor takes command with a telephoto lens package

When it comes to sports photography, telephoto lenses are widely preferred by professionals because of their ability to provide a closer perspective, which is important for capturing impressive shots during sporting events held in large venues. . In particular, the zoom distance of 2.5X to 10X (equivalent to a focal length range of 68mm to 270mm) is highly appreciated by photographers in this field. By allowing photographers to adjust the focal length for precise framing and capture key moments at different distances, this zoom distance range provides superior image composition. The flexibility within this range creates a balance between close-up shots and wider perspective, providing valuable context for the action being documented.

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To bring professional sports photography capabilities to smartphones, HONOR has taken significant steps to improve its telephoto lens. Equipped with a remarkable 180MP periscope telephoto camera, wide f/2.6 aperture and the industry’s largest telephoto sensor at 1/1.49-inch, the HONOR Magic6 series delivers a 400% improvement in light gathering ability. Competitive compared to other leading products in the market, ensuring clear picture of distant objects with excellent fidelity. The camera sensor can combine 16 light gathering pixels into one large pixel with an equivalent pixel size of 2.24μm, allowing the camera to capture bright and vivid shots even in challenging lighting conditions.

We invite you to learn about all the innovations that HONOR will soon present at MWC 2024 through its official sites and social networks.


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