House Ball at Windsor: Meghan and Harry kicked off Frogmore Cottage

bye bye frogmore village y meghan

Bye Bye Frogmore Village Y Meghan

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Carlos III seems to be one of those who most believe that revenge is cold. At the beginning of the year, Prince Harry published his memoirs In the Shadow, in which he did not leave the doll with criticism of the British royal family. Buckingham remained silent and now Charles III responded in a very serious way: Meghan and Harry were asked to leave Frogmore Cottage, their only residence in Britain, and which will be occupied by Prince Andrew.

Frogmore Cottage in Windsor was the home chosen by Meghan and Harry when they were expecting their first child. The couple wanted to flee London and live in the country when they came to raise a family. They invested more than two million dollars to renovate the house. The house was divided into five rooms by staff from nearby Windsor Castle and Meghan and Harry transformed it into a modern mansion, with five bedrooms, a yoga room, a conservatory and an organic garden.

Prince Andrew takes Frogmore Villa home to Meghan and Harry

After they left for California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex rented the property to their cousin, Princess Eugenie of York, but stayed at the mansion when they left for Britain. In fact, they stayed here during the funeral of Elizabeth II, and in this house they have a large number of things that they will have to evict before the summer, according to the Sun newspaper. Something that, according to the British press, Meghan and Harry took to have the cruelest final punishment.

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Views Of Frogmore Village

Pictures of Frogmore Cottage in 2019.

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The new tenant of the house will be Prince Andrew. But even that is not the case. He will have to leave the Royal House, where the Queen Mother lived until her death in 20o2 and which she later occupied. This house, which has seven rooms, large rooms, and even its own chapel, has been the home of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson until now, because, although separated, they live under the same roof.

Even the occasional daughter at home. For example, Princess Eugenia moved to this mansion when her first child was born to be closer to her parents. It was also the royal custom for Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank to have a wedding reception.

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Image of the Queen Mother and George VI, together with their daughters, Princesses Isabella and Margaret, at the Royal Lodge in the 1940s

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Prince Andrew is one of the ‘inherited problems’ of Carlos III. The new king wants his brother Andrew to be as invisible as possible, disgraced by his shameful crimes. And this change of house can also be read in the financial key, when Carlos III lowered his brother’s income, so as to obtain a residence as the Royal Lodge was more involved with its new income.

Royal Lodge: Kate and William’s new home?

With the departure of Prince Andrew, one jeweled crown remains free. This villa, which the Queen Mother extended to two side wings, is a far cry from the current residence of the Prince of Wales, Adelaide Cottage, which has only four rooms. The Royal Lodge has a separate staff residence, a swimming pool built during Prince Andrew’s renovations, and grand halls with the Prince’s house.

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The Royal Chamber

A picture of the Royal Lodge in 1942.

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Royal Lodge is eight miles from Adelaide Cottage, so if Kate Middleton and Prince William move here, their children could stay at the same school next September when they move from London to Windsor, a move that is thought to have more to do with it. together with Elizabeth II and to raise children in the fields.

In addition, one of the most curious buildings of the British monarchy, Y Bwthyn Bach, a small village that the people of Wales gave to Elizabeth II when she was six, and where the queen used to play with her sister Margaret. Now this beautiful little house could be the perfect play place for George, Charlotte and Louis.

Royal Doll House

And Bwthyn Bach, the little house where Elizabeth II and her sister used to play, was built next to the Royal Lodge.

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