House GOP's border agenda: Whatever Trump wants

House GOP's border agenda: Whatever Trump wants

Due in large part to Donald Trump The Republican Party’s stubborn hold on a bipartisan compromise that would exchange tough immigration policies for another round of Ukraine funding appears to have reached a dead end.

On Sunday, the Senate finalized a deal that would include nearly $60 billion in aid for Ukraine as well as more than $20 billion for border security. The legislation would make it harder for migrants to qualify for asylum status and give the president the ability to close the border if he is “overwhelmed.” However, in keeping with Trump’s wishes, the House Republican leadership declared the deal “dead on arrival”.

“Let me be clear: The Senate limits bill will not get a vote in the House,” steve scalise, the House majority leader wrote in a Sunday post on X, formerly known as Twitter. “What the people pushing this ‘deal’ aren’t telling you: It admits 5,000 illegal immigrants a day and gives automatic work permits to asylum recipients – which is a magnet for more illegal immigration.” (The law does not allow for 5,000 migrant crossings per day; instead, this number of crossings – if reached over a seven-day average – would serve as a benchmark for the President closing the border.)

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While Trump and his congressional allies claim to oppose the agreement on policy grounds, the former president has privately warned that its passage would serve as a boon. Joe Biden‘s re-election campaign, HuffPost previously reported. The president can point to this as proof that he is doing something to curb the record number of migrant entries and that Washington is acting under his leadership. Of course, in the absence of the bill, higher and higher levels of migration from now until November will help Trump and hurt Biden, as more public attention is paid to the issue.

Although the bill’s death may be a victory for Trump, not all Republicans are happy with his political strategic obstruction. “I think it’s unfortunate that we, as individual United States senators, can’t take the time, effort and intellectual honesty to do some study ourselves and make a decision,” Kevin Cramer, a Republican senator from North Dakota told POLITICO last week. “Donald Trump also has an opinion. That’s great, but our opinion should be our own.” senator Thom Tillis, The North Carolina Republican suggested his House colleagues are more vulnerable to Trump’s pressure campaign because they face reelection every two years. “President Trump has had an impact on this. You also have to think about where we are in the political cycle,” Tillis told POLITICO. “If you have someone whose filing deadline is in March or April or May, there will be no way to prevent an unknown person from challenging them.”

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In the most candid comment, John Cornyn, A Republican senator from Texas argued that Trump has nothing to worry about. He claimed that whether there is a deal or not, the border will still serve as a crisis point that Republicans could exploit in November. Speaking to Politico, Cornyn said, “What I would say to (Trump) is that I don’t think the issue is going to go away.” “Even if something happens in the next 10 months, I don’t think you’ll see any dramatic changes at the border.”

As for Trump, he has said that “only an idiot, or a radical leftist Democrat, would vote for this terrible border bill,” despite the compromise that was partially drafted. James Lankford, A conservative senator from Oklahoma. “This bill is a great gift to the Democrats, and a death wish to the Republican Party,” Trump said in a Truth Social post on Monday. “It takes the terrible job done by Democrats on immigration and the border, absolves them of blame, and puts it entirely on the shoulders of Republicans.”

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