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How air conditioning affects your appetite

Ambient temperature affects hunger levels, which are recorded throughout the day and are specific to the time and place where we are eating. If the temperature decreases, food intake increases, while consumption decreases with heat., However, doctors and nutritionists warn about some adverse habits that we adopt to try to beat the heat and sometimes we are not aware of it but if you maintain a healthy diet and good weight control. If you want to keep it, it is very harmful.

“We find that when the heat rises, soft drinks, industrial juices, beer, ice creams and beverages and similar foods that have a lot of sugar, high caloric content, low nutritional value and little satiety power,” says Violet Ramirez. , says the coordinator of the Food and Nutrition Working Group of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SemFYC).

that temperature affects appetite and intake is a matter for which there is scientific evidence for decadesas explained Xavier S. peronCSIC scientist and professor of nutrition at Pablo de Olavide University and author of an article titled Does Air Conditioning Make You Fat? Which has given rise to some distorted interpretations.

Already in the sixties of the last century a study was conducted with rats exposed to high temperatures above 35ºC and it was found that In these situations the animals ate very little or even stopped eatingJavier S. Perona explains. Research has also been conducted in humans, including a British soldier who spent 12 weeks in Bahrain, worked in high temperatures, and who were found to reduce their intake by 25% compared to soldiers living in the United Kingdom .

Another study conducted with people working in offices showed that Those who worked at higher temperatures consumed fewer caloriesAt the rate of 85.9 kcal less for each degree Celsius difference.

The mechanism by which lowering the ambient temperature increases appetite is not clear, but it has been suggested that this may be related to need to generate more body heat, Xavier S. Perona explains. ,At higher temperatures, eating will generate even more heat, which reduces well as digestive activity and metabolic rate”.

How does air conditioning affect

Based on these data and others, Javier S. Perona has thought How air conditioning use can affect satiety levels And so, for the consumption of food. “It is clear that if the temperature decreases, the consumption of food increases,” says this expert, which does not allow us to conclude that There is no evidence to link the use of air conditioning with body weight or the prevalence of obesity. But yes with hunger and satiety.

temperature at specific moment of meal

in regard of How temperature affects appetite at specific eating timesXavier S. Perona indicates that this temperature is decisive, although “appetite is also affected, although to a lesser extent, by the temperature to which it has been previously exposed”.

Thus, this expert cites a study that examined appetite in rats at different temperatures, which found that Animals that lived in warm environments but fed in cold environments gained a lot of weight Compared to animals living in warmer environments to eat.

“This finding suggests that if you spend most of your time in a warm place, But if you eat with air conditioning on, we can eat more than we need“With the additional addition that if later it is necessary to go outside with higher temperatures” then “the heat will be even more difficult to dissipate”, Javier S. Perona explains. This expert states that Knowledge of the effect of air conditioning on appetite used by restaurants To achieve an environment that favors over-consumption.

what is the ideal temperature

Regarding the indicated temperature for regulating optimal intake, Javier S. Perona explains that there is a wide range to be sure The functioning of metabolism in the thermoneutral zone and that between 21 and 30 C. will be between, which logically also varies depending on the clothes we wear. “It also depends on age, the amount of fat we have, and energy expenditure, among other factors,” says this expert, which requires “we should consume food in our thermoneutral zone.”

What if the food is hot?

And if the food produces heat, then the food eaten becomes hot. the effect is even greater, “Conversely, cold foods reduce the thermal effect of food. This is why in summer we love cold soups such as gazpacho, and ice cream”, Javier S. Perona explains.

Harmful Habits When It’s Too Hot

Violet Ramirez, a specialist in family medicine and also a graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition, cautions Harmful habits that are favorable in summer and especially during times of heat waves “When we see that the consumption of foods with good nutrient density is displaced”.

“A lot of cold soups are used, such as gazpacho or salmorejo, Which are very healthy if we don’t forget to add protein”, explains Violet Ramirez, who warns instead that “it is very common to drink industrial juices or soft drinks or eat ice cream that clearly quell your appetite, But they are not satiating for long and have an addictive effect, When heat waves hit people feel less hungry but snack a lot and still feel like they haven’t eaten anything when all they’re doing is increasing their caloric intake.”

This expert emphasizes the importance of hydrating radically through water, “not other drinks with too much sugar and even less with alcoholic beverages, including beer, which promote dehydration.” In addition, it states that Summer is an ideal time to increase consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumesEven in salads, which also have a high fiber content and a satiating effect.

brain control over satiety

Xavier S. Both Perona and Violet Ramirez also recall that hunger is not the same as hunger and that the abuse of food and beverages such as soft drinks, industrial juices and ice cream”impairs our ability to control satietyWhich is a mechanism that works at the level of the brain and we’re very well active as kids but we’re getting worse over time,” Ramirez explains.

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