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How are games in video game companies affected by decisions?

In recent months, it has become clear how hunters around the world are at the mercy of video hunting companies. video game and their decisions. In January 2023, for example, Blizzard shut down World of Warcraft servers in China permanently, causing millions of players to complain about their game.

of the same month; The Google Stadia platform has disappeared globally and, although many endeavored not to injure their customers, yet the users were left with the result of the closure. From these cases, the players notice no matter how much time and money they have invested in a game or service, ultimately the companies have the last word.

What effect does the removal of the service have on the lives of hunters?

When the world’s time servants were shut up in China, The cause was a dispute between game developer Blizzard and distributor NetEase. Huge numbers of users who have been playing for years (Wow has been in China since 2008) mourned the loss of the video game.

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And it is that Wow more than entertainment for them For the author is content Angelica Sabinaknown as Haters in their networks, to lose access to WoW would be to lose “the place you sometimes had to escape” where you thought of memorable moments.

“Imagine losing that sense of home orientation that you lived in is an incredible experience.”

Imagine losing; a virtual home feeling in which you lived incredible experiences and met people who can also be part of your real life. Sabina has been playing ROG since 2007, when its first expansion Fire Crusader came out and describes it the game became very precious to him.

Angelika Sabina, content creator for WoW and other games, known as Odi. (Photo: Diffusion)

“And if we were to look for a substitute where we could live with new dangers, it would not be the same,” he commented. The Newspaper Trade. “I dare say the same thing happens to most of the players in this MMORPG community.”

The author explains the content; if the bandit disappeared in the country tooNot just existing emotionally but also economicaldirectly with their main income. “If it is true that I would remain part of the community, not being able to create more World Time content would invite many others to leave,” I maintain.

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But to whom are superior the mothers of the teams of sports; and users have control over their actions. “This truth is clearly demonstrated by what has happened in China, where the players have invested time and money, so that later” no weight a moment of sad judgment”, says Sabina.

World of Warcraft has disappeared from China after a disagreement between Blizzard and NetEase. (Photo: Capture)

Similarly, when Google Stadia announced last September that it would cease worldwide services; thousands of gamers felt left exile. One user was also afraid of losing 6000 hours of progress in Red Dead Redemption II.

Fortunately, Stadia has sought to return the money invested to players and several companies have been helping the progress of transferring users to other platforms. However, Stadia exclusive games like PixelJunk Raiders they end up in limbo, just like their followers.

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Video game companies and users to discourage controversy

Cases like Stadia and WoW They taught gamers an important document. This is how people learn that nothing is permanent, he explained Diary I play journalist Augustus Finocchiarodirector of Cultura Geek and columnist in La Nación de Argentina.

Finocchiaro comments that one effect is that, as a user, “the casino is afraid to invest a lot of money and time in the game; because then it no longer works. A lot is happening today that video games that weren’t super successful are shutting down their servers.

Augusto Finocchiaro, video game journalist for Cultura Geek and La Nación Argentina.

It is not known what the next service or game will be which will cease to be or at what time. In this case, the journalist believes “it makes you want to invest not so much in sports services and more in each game than in one payment”.

UPDATE: Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has been approved by the EU, according to reports

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There is another reason that he criticizes how licenses and disputes between companies video game they also affect the development of new works and access to them. “These are the things that happen in the world of entertainment on a global level, where licenses and agreements deprive entertainment,” he told this newspaper. “It should be noted that competition between companies is said to deprive them of access to the art that is video games.”

“The conflict between the companies is said to deprive access to the art that video games”

Finocchiaro uses the title case as an example Shadow of Mordor and his Nemesis patent systems, in which NPCs (non-playable characters) personalize themselves based on each player’s actions. “Haven’t you?” one of the best ideas in the world of video gamesbut it cannot be expressed in other works”, says the journalist. Indeed, if other developers try to use the same system, they will have to pay WB games.

There was a dispute between the companies that closed WoW in China. But the controversy has resonated most in recent months between Sony and Microsoftfor here Blizzard wants to buy Activation, but PlayStation wants to avoid it. How does the purchase affect the game?

The dispute between Microsoft and Sony over the purchase of Activision Blizzard will determine the future of Call of Duty.
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Finocchiaro produces it he could benefit from thisFor example, a user with Xbox Game Pass can no longer consume a new Call service if it is included in the service. But this also means that there will be a lot of centralized power and if tomorrow they like to change the price and charge much more per month; It is the policy of one company He has a lot of content.”

Thus the journalist concludes: “it can become immediately useful to users;” but we do not know how to discover it there”.

At the end of everything, as Sabina comments, as Camertem.nothing put inside society to change judgment. It’s a shame, but you can finally do it.”

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