How can I access this post of almost 890,000 pesos? – On that place

 How can I access this post of almost 890,000 pesos?  - On that place

A death benefit is an economic contribution intended to help meet the expenses of a deceased person.

However, to be entitled to this cash benefit, the deceased must have received a pension under the old pension scheme or be a beneficiary of the solidarity pillar.

At this time, it must be considered that the $889,533 accessible through the death benefit, which is equal to three minimum earnings, is intended solely for non-remunerated purposes and to cover funeral expenses.

How do I access the Death Order?

People who want to receive the order can make the request both in person and remotely:

In the case of a personal encounter

  • Gather the necessary background information.
  • Go to a Chile Atende office.
  • Explain the reason for your visit: “Request Payment for Death”
  • Submit the required background information (you will receive proof of application).
  • As a result of the process, you applied for the position.

If the procedure is carried out remotely

  • Accessing the IPS Online website.
  • Choose whether you are entering as a person or company (mortuary).
  • Enter the applicant’s RUT and under the Procedure option, confirm Death Benefit.
  • Write the RUT of the sender (the system will recognize if the data is correct).
  • Sign in with the unique password of the requester.
  • If you meet the requirements, complete the required information (from the funeral home and the applicant) and attach the supporting documents.
  • Enter the RUT of the funeral home representative.
  • Select the company for which you wish to apply for the benefit (this applies if the legal representative represents more than one funeral director).
  • Click on “Death Grant Request” and enter the remaining life of the deceased.
  • If the entered taxpayer’s RUT meets the requirements, complete the required data and attach the documentation.
  • As a result of the proceedings, you have applied for a death benefit. You can use the same link to check the status of your application.
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What documents do I need to submit to be eligible for a death benefit?

If you are applying both in person and online, you will need to gather the following documents:

  • The identity card.
  • A power of attorney in the event that an authorized representative is conducting the process.
  • Original and third copy stamped by the Internal Revenue Service (SII) or copy certified in front of a notary public of the bill issued by the funeral home.
  • Your unique key
  • If more than 30 days have passed since the death of the beneficiary and the person receiving the death benefit is an individual, they must obtain the burial certificate from the relevant cemetery.
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What are the requirements for the death benefit?

This cash benefit can be claimed by any natural or legal person who has paid the funeral expenses of the deceased beneficiary. However, in order to receive it, the deceased must meet these requirements.

  • You must not register affiliation with Legislative Decree (DL) No. 3,500 on the day of your death.
  • Was a beneficiary of the previous Basic Solidarity Pension (PBSV), meaning he received the pension before 1 February 2022, the date on which the Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) came into effect.
  • In the last six months before your death, you made at least one contribution to one of the former pension funds.
  • Was a beneficiary of the Basic Solidarity Disability Pension (PBSI) or Solidarity Contribution Survivor’s Pension without affiliation with an AFP (DL #3,500).
  • Received a Disability Allowance, SIL, Unemployment Allowance, or Disability Allowance.
  • Was a pensioner or pensioner of the former pension funds and special laws. In the case of pensioners from orphans and cohabiting relationships, they are responsible for the benefits if they were also beneficiaries of the solidarity contributions at the time of death.
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