“How can I do this to my kids?”: Honduran mother who lost two sons and her daughter-in-law in Texas migrant truck

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Karen Caballero

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Karen Caballero was the mother of Alejandro and Fernando Andino Caballero.

Karen Caballero was attacked by “unexplained heaviness in the chest” on the night of Saturday, June 25, 2022. The boys no longer communicated.

Two days later, around 8:00 pm, he received a news alert on his cell phone from the Honduran channel HCH. Dozens of migrants did dead heat Inside a truck that was located near the city of San Antonio in the state of Texas.

Caron searched the phone numbers of Honduran consulates in the United States, hospitals and police stations on Google and Facebook, to find out whether they had two children and their children. Daughter in law He was on the list of victims.

It was 2 in the morning and no one was responding.


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