How do we fool power processors?

Intel passes the 6 GHz standard with its new Core i9 13900KS processor

A processor (CPU) is a logical unit that responds to and processes the basic instructions that a computer handles. The CPU is considered the main and most crucial integrated circuit (IC) computer chip, which is responsible for most of the computer’s interpretation of commands.

The CPU performs arithmetic, logic and basic I/O operations, as well as assigning instructions to other chips and components in the PC. In this way, we can understand that the processor is the main part of our computer system. No one but himself.

The term processor is used interchangeably with the term central processing unit (CPU), although strictly speaking, the CPU is not the only processor in a computer. The main example is the GPU, but the hard drive and other devices inside the computer also function without any processing.

But CPU processing is commonly understood. Processors are found in computers, smartphones, tablets, and other technology devices. The two main competitors in the processor market are Intel and AMD. And both teams deceive us in their own way, of course.

This is how Intel&amd fooled us with processors;

Threads are not the same as cores.

Intel Passes The 6 Ghz Standard With Its New Core I9 13900Ks Processor

I’m sure you’ve read many times that the process has Multithreading technology, which allows the CPU to perform as if it had twice as many cores. The most common case is that used by Intel for years with its Intel i7, which had 4 cores but 8 threads with Multithreading.

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A thread is a unit of execution in concurrent programming. Multiplication is a technique that allows the CPU to execute multiple processing tasks at the same time. These threads can run individually while sharing their resources.

Windows 12

But the truth is that when the multithreading process has its own improvement, it is not 100% as they want to sell us, but 35% compared to a similar process that does not have those threads.

That is why it is important that when buying a processor we do not allow ourselves to be deceived by the number of threads that the processor has, but it is important to the real metrics that the CPU has. By mid-2023, a powerful processor will have between 6 and 8 cores, with twice as many threads.

Maximum work speed not average speed

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That is exactly what it is. All processor manufacturers sell us an idea that their SoC runs at 4.9 GHz according to the technical specifications of the product. And it is true, but only in ideals, which are almost never met.

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If we look at the maximum speed of the process, we can see that then the base is its speed, but this is not usually promoted much. If you don’t want to be confused when you buy your next CPU, remember that base speed is the most common.

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It achieves maximum speed only when all the necessary scenarios are met: heavy load, low temperature and adequate voltage. This can be done easily on a desktop tower with a water cooler, it is hardly possible on a laptop.

If you are going to see your processor monitor that only reaches those 5 GHz, when you are doing little demanding tasks, as soon as you start playing games at high speed, make sure that the temperature of the chip does not lose.

Consummation and power are related

Light Processor

Here it is important for me to be clear: there are brands that want to sell us the most powerful processors on the market regardless of consumption. This is a mistake for us, sorry.

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As the processor boasts that it has the most powerful SoC in the world, it has to be seen at its end. It will not be the first time that we see in the graph how the chip yields 5% more than the competition without saying that to hit it consumes 40% more energy than its rival.

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During the purchase process it is important to look at the details: performance per watt. Or price per watt. That is, see how many fps the CPU takes in terms of its wattage consumption. AMD was ahead of Intel in this regard when it launched the Ryzen architecture.

As consumers, we are more interested in a process that consumes 65 W and we want 90% performance than to spend more money to reach 100% ideal performance, but 130 W. Consuming. For two reasons: because it is not. more efficient and, more importantly, you’ll pay more on your electricity bill every time you play.


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