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How do you know which chronotype you are most fertile?

I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve thought about becoming more productive, whether it’s to optimize your business, complete your school work, lighten your work load, or just to save time. I know you are not alone. Affected by this deep desire, we subjected ourselves to strict techniques that, however promising at first glance, end up exhausting and moving us further from our goal.

Finally, we are pressed to arrive at the great venerable symbol of success, one of which is to achieve one’s goal without worrying about one’s own well-being. But the reality is far from those overwhelming techniques that ignore our unique characteristics, ideas that not only represent areas of opportunity in which we can work, but are useful and, if used correctly, help us achieve our goals. .

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Are you one of the few group that tried the 5 AM Club and made a strong partnership with the alarm clock? Great, you’ve taken a step towards productivity. But what about all those who just gave it a try and faced an insurmountable challenge? If you are from the team, you know that there is nothing wrong with you, you just need to know what kind of chronotype you are.

What are chronotypes and what do they mean?

It all comes down to the circadian rhythm, which is the biological clock that our body responds to according to the peaks of energy we spend. This happens at a more recent age, for example: perhaps at the same time every day, even on weekends, watch, when he can sleep longer; maybe your body asks you to go to the bathroom a few minutes after waking up, or your appetite wakes up until some time in the morning.

It is true that if you live with your parents, or a partner or roommates, you will notice that not everyone has the same characteristics. Maybe your dad can be up until 6:00 am with everyone ready to start their day, while your brother just sleeps watching his watch to the point where he wakes up frantically wondering what time it is.

But who used to know this? While we all have a circadian rhythm, everyone is different and can be classified into a chronotype. According to the American psychologist Michael Breus, there are four different chronotypes and all people tend towards a specific one. Thus Breus adopted the reference to the biorhythm of lions, bears, wolves and dolphins.

Types of chronotypes and how to exploit yours?

Although there are experiments on the Internet to find your chronotype, at GQ we have collected the main characteristics of each. In addition to some tips to review yours once you know how to use your biorhythm to become more productive.



And taking advantage of the morning for difficult work.

In the same way as the feline friends who christen this breed, those who tend to wake up earlier in the day, even before the clock goes off. These are the ones whose energy reaches its peak in the morning, so it is most likely that when the sun goes down, their energy declines.

  • Wake up time: Around 5:00 AM
  • Maximum energy peak: Between 6:00 and 11:00 AM
  • SLEEP TIME: Between 8:00 and 9:00 PM
  • If this is your category, then you may be the one for whom the 5 AM Club works. But if your productivity continues to experience problems, know that consistency is the key and if you want to be successful, you must respect your schedules. You may be the most productive person on the planet today, but if you don’t get enough rest, your activity level will decrease tomorrow.

    It is essential that you design the most intricate tasks, first thing in the day, you know, the kind of activities that require your full attention. So, when the clock is ticking, you can dedicate yourself to the simple things on the list, so that you can finally exercise in the afternoon and go to bed in the morning.

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    Create a good sleeping environment.

    The probability is high that this category belongs to you, since it is estimated that about 55% of the population identifies with this chronotype. Like bears, these people can be active day and night, yet optimizing their schedules according to elementary needs.

  • Wake up time: Light after 7:00, although I could sleep much longer
  • Maximum energy peak: Between 9:00 and 12:00 AM
  • SLEEP TIME: Between 9:00 and 10:00 PM
  • For someone who could sleep for hours, even more than the set 8, it will be easy to distinguish you. If you want to be more productive, here is a great challenge to wake up as soon as your panic goes away. How can you achieve that? Ideally, you should create a space that prioritizes your rest: clean and fresh sheets, a room free from stimuli that allow you to sleep as soon as you go to bed – say goodbye to the phone next to the bed. In this way, if you prepare your sleep schedule, it will be easier to wake up.


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    Set everything up the night before.

    Wolves are known to be nocturnal, so if you are also nocturnal and have a hard time waking up, chances are this is your chronotype. It is no coincidence that these mammals and the moon have a great mythological relationship, since wolves tend to experience the peaks of activity at night, so the first hours of the day, even if they try, are simply the hours in which the body does not work. answers – now you know why you can’t get up at 5 AM even if you try to sleep early.

  • Wake up time: Late.
  • Maximum energy peak: Between 7:00 and 9:00 PM
  • SLEEP TIME: Between 1:00 and 2:00 PM
  • Of course, this chronotype is complex, but it is not possible, if it belongs to it, to become more abundant. The secret is to train yourself. You can look for a job that allows you to wake up late, after all we are in a globalized world where productivity time zones have crossed.

    If that is not good, then it is best that you go one step ahead and use your hours more intensively to solve complex tasks, practice everything and prepare so that you can leave home more easily the next morning; you don’t have to wake up either, you can leave your breakfast ready right next to your backpack and clothes for the day, so you just wake up and eat without worrying about the rest, since your biological wolf has taken care of everything the night before.


    A surgeon

    Find your brain rest!

    Dolphins sleep with half a brain, that is, the other half is still active while resting, so these mammals are associated with light chronotype sleep. Is it difficult for you to sleep? When you finally do, do you wake up to the slightest challenge? Do you feel insomnia and do not rest? This is your race.

  • Wake up time: Wake up, naturally.
  • Maximum energy peak: At noon
  • Sleep: Irregular
  • We know this timeline can seem quite confusing, but don’t worry, there are easier tasks that will help you be more productive now that the problem I’ve identified. First, you should be thankful that the bear cannot wake up, even if the end of the world surrounds him. That said, you need to be careful with your sleep cycle, as the night approaches you begin to relax, remove distractions like TV and phones, but opt ​​for meditation to decrease brain activity.

    Start the day with an energy boost, such as a workout and a good breakfast. Consider taking a couple of breaks a day, going for a walk, or taking time to rest your brain from external stimuli.

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