How does Infonavit protect your savings against Inflation?

How does Infonavit protect your savings against Inflation?

Tlaxcala, Tlax; on November 28, 2023. –Have you noticed that over time you have enough money to buy fewer things? This is due to something known as inflation, which shows the increase in the cost of goods and services and causes people to lose their savings.

Taking this into account, Infonavit protects the savings you have in your Housing Subaccount against inflation so that in the future you can use this money to buy your home, through a loan from the Institute or to increase your pension.

But how do you do it?

Based on the Law, Infonavit must give back to the Housing Subaccount equal to or greater than inflation; This way the money you save there will not lose value.

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These returns are obtained by Infonavit from:

The collection of housing loans given to beneficiaries.

Investments made through the Workers’ Housing Needs Support Fund.

Investment through a trust, which constitutes the Infonavit platform to invest in the development of productive and profitable activities in the country.

Through these three alternatives and within a framework of financial responsibility, Infonavit will get the returns it gives you for your savings in your Housing Subaccount.

Only in the last five years, until the end of September 2023, Infonavit paid an average return of 6.75% to the Housing Subaccounts of the beneficiaries, protecting their savings against an average annual inflation of 5.22% , during the same period.

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Remember that your Infonavit savings are not taken from your salary, but are made up of contributions made by the company you work for, which is equal to 5% of your combined daily salary.

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