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How does the brain of a left handed person work?

Between 10% and 15% of the world’s population is left-handed, i.e. they mainly use the left hand for various activities such as writing, manipulating instruments, playing instruments.

However, left-handers are at a disadvantage in societies designed and targeted for right-handers, although some adaptations have been made in recent years.

Every 13th August is Leftist Day, a date to raise awareness and rethink society.

What makes a person left handed?

Ignacio Sphalo, Pediatrician (MP: 25029/0 ME: 20353) explained Diversity that a single gene was initially thought to control cordiality.

However, recent studies suggest that as many genes, perhaps as many as 40, contribute to this trait. “Each of these genes has a weak effect on its own, but together they play an important role in establishing hand preference. Studies suggest that at least some of these genes determine overall right-handed asymmetry. Let’s help.” Early stages of development from the left side of the body,” he said.

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“So far, researchers have identified only a few of the many genes that were thought to affect cordiality. Studies suggest that other factors also contribute, such as the prenatal environment and cultural influences,” they said. it is said.

On the other hand, it ensures that laterality does not have a simple pattern of inheritance. “Children of left-handed parents are more likely to be left-handed than children of right-handed parents. However, the overall likelihood of being left-handed is relatively low, compared to those of left-handed parents. Most kids are right-handed,” he notes.

In addition, identical twins are more likely than non-identical twins (or other siblings) to be right-handed or left-handed, but many have opposite hand preferences.

How does the brain of a left handed person work?

The brain controls the body in a crossover fashion, and the left hemisphere is almost always dominant.

In 85% of the population, the left hemisphere is the one that controls the right hemibody, these people are right-handed. Whereas in the remaining 15% of the population, the right hemisphere is dominant and hence they are left handed people.

Speech therapist, specialist in clinical neuropsychology, Dr. Macarena Martínez Coutino explains that in 96% of right-handed people, the language processing area coincides with manual dominance in a single brain hemisphere.

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But, in the remaining 4%, the language regions would be located in the right hemisphere, that is, the opposite of manual dominance.

In the case of left-handers, in more than 60%, language is located in the left hemisphere, that is, in contrast to manual dominance. Whereas for language the right hemisphere is also likely to be dominant, reaching up to 30%.

“In a certain percentage, this function falls on both hemispheres, that is, it is shared between the two and is therefore less susceptible to being affected by brain injury,” they highlight.

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Did you know that these items are adapted for the Left?

There are can openers, scissors, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, potato peelers, knives, rulers, mice, keyboards and other items that have been customized.

However, most left-handed people are unaware that they exist and eventually get used to using tools like right-handed ones.

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