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How does the genetic factor affect skin aging, we spoke to experts to find out?

Some experts you believe What? old age is a disease on which we must age and we are looking for a formula to delay aging as much as possible. So thinks David Sinclair, a biologist and professor of genetics at the Harvard School. Others think we will never get the formula of eternal youth, but thus to extend one. What we know today is that our genetics and attitude, as well as the environment in which we live, influence the speed of aging. “The genetic factors contribute to a * 60% as the skin ages, while 40% they depend on the outside such as exposure to ultraviolet rays and agents that cause cellular oxidation (environmental pollution, diet, smoking, etc.). This aging is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dryness”, explains Gema Pérez Sevilla, maxillofacial surgeon and expert in facial aesthetic medicine, with his clinic in Madrid.

Moreover, the key importance of genetic engineering is highlighted to achieve different goals, from determining diseases, losing weight, or… age is better here we tell you.

DNA problem

Genetic tests are not only the perfect option when certain diseases are suspected (and, in many cases, represent the first step in the diagnosis of maturity), but also “allows us to know which people are at greater risk of suffering from premature aging of the skin”, says the Expert. “They also allow the professional to determine the most suitable treatments to prevent or reduce aging, all in three levels: topical treatment on the skin, oral supplements and nutritional treatments, aesthetic medicine and surgery,” adds Dr. Gema Pérez Hispal.

Ana Buendía, Marketing Manager of the Onegen Lab laboratory explains how the tests are carried out: “Everything starts with a simple saliva sample… From our laboratory we analyze and study 96 variations in 32 genes related to the shedding of skin cells. Our genetic skin test enables the main skin problems of the dermis to prevent and treat, since it provides the necessary information to know what are the genetic changes that arrange to change at the level of the skin”, explains Ana Buendía , Manager of the Onegen Lab laboratory itself.

Why do some people get wrinkles from childhood and others don’t? …. You will find these and more answers in the DNA test

Ana Buendía asks us some questions: “Why are there those who get wrinkles from childhood and others who do not? What can you do to correct these spots that have appeared on your face? You are there and you will find many more answers in this DNA test in which all the factors genetics are linked to health and beauty.” Likewise, it is possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles and expression lines, the loss of skin firmness, the accumulation of toxins in the skin, elasticity and hydration, skin sensitivity, cell length, the appearance of spots and freckles, and much more. .

infinite options

“The condition of the skin and hair are a clear reflection of the general health of a person. Shortness and loss of hair are some of the main symptoms of a lack of nutrition and vitamin and mineral profile allows it to be detected before it manifests itself. Other conditions, such as iron deficiency anemia, also with skin and hair changes they can be present. Our iron profile is most suitable to start the diagnosis of the anemia condition before it worsens”, explains Teresa Perucho, scientific and academic director from the VIVOLABS laboratory. .

There are various tests to find out the state of your health. “For example, our nutritional test reveals the risk of developing celiac disease throughout life, digestive intolerance, type 2 diabetes, DAO deficiency, nutritional responses to diet, tendency to overweight, intestinal microbiota status and more. There are also comprehensive tests. That disease is the eleven most common diseases sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) through ultrasensitive PCR (hepatitis B, C, HIV, human papillomavirus, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis and more).

DNA can be analyzed with a simple test done at home

Prevention tests to assess the risk of increasing the family’s hereditary cancer, hereditary cancer, hereditary cancer, hereditary cancer, osteoporosis… General health tests have various tests that measure the health markers in the blood, such as the health profile plus, which analyzes 18 diam. fix is ​​involved in maintaining health. This category also includes gender-specific profiles, tests for liver function, kidney function, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals, thyroid and more,” adds the expert.

Test prices vary depending on the desired test. “From the human papillomavirus test, which costs €45, or €56 for the study of celiac disease, through the genetic study of diamine oxidase (DAO) deficiency, which costs €120, or studies of hereditary cancers, such as the study of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, which costs €600 it costs money”, he points out.

To lose weight


A genetic tendency can influence overweight between 40% and 70%

New genetic tests can also help to forget about extra kilos and to eat better. “Genetic promise can influence being overweight, between 40 and 70%”, explains Ana Buendía. “Through DNA analysis, we can find our tendency to certain eating habits, which allows us to know which foods help us lose weight, which make us fat, which maintain our health… Through genetic study, the best option to lose weight is determined by three types of modifications nutritional: low carbohydrate, low calorie, low fat diets.

“Knowing the type of diet that will reduce your body’s excess weight more effectively allows you to create a foundation for a personal hygiene program designed to achieve your goals, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet,” says the expert. “In the study of nutrigenetics and overweight NOA, polymorphisms (variants of normality) of 16 genes with an implication of nutritional response were analyzed.

When they receive the data in the laboratory, they recommend personal treatments, as they explain to us: “Only by identifying the causes can personal treatment be applied. With the analysis of these types, individual recommendations are made in our laboratory that help the client to lose weight and also to maintain it for a while. This includes modifications in the diet specifically, at the right time of maximum attraction, divided doses, distribution of nutrients in the menu and much more, “adds the expert from VIVOLABS.

From home

In general, genetic tests are very easy to do and, in most cases, can be done without leaving your home. “To do, the first order online and with a simple test done at home, the DNA is analyzed and the results are available in a matter of days. The kit is received at home and you need to take a sample. You will need to rub a small cotton swab included in the kit inside the cheeks. After extracting the sample, it is stored in a container included in the kit and sample collection is requested. The courier from us to The Dies and pick up the sample at the time that best suits you. It is necessary to write the kit on the web before requesting the collection. Once the sample is received, our team of molecular biologists proceed to the analysis. The results are received electronically” . , says Ana Buendia.

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