How does the ISSSTE procedure work, and how much can they give you?

 How does the ISSSTE procedure work and how much can they give you?  - The financial

Are you a member of ISSSTE, and have you lost your job? One option for beneficiaries is a partial withdrawal from their Afore account.

The Institute of Security and Social Service for State Workers (ISSSTE) and Afore allow partial withdrawals in exceptional situations, such as unemployment.

If you are thinking of applying for this option, one of the points to consider is the amount that will be paid to you during the time you are not working.

According to the National Retirement Savings Commission (Consar), the amount you receive will depend on the pension regime you are in, so you have these options:

  • Individual account: equivalent to 75 days of your base salary for the last 5 years.
  • Temporary Tithe: The applicable withdrawal is 10 percent of the withdrawal subaccount balance.

This procedure can only be done by the employee with the help of ISSSTE and Afore. The solution period in which they deliver the requested money should be from 5 business days to 40 calendar days.

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How do I make a partial withdrawal of my AFORE from ISSSTE?

Before starting the process, review and consider the following requirements for withdrawing money from your Afore account if there is no work:

  • There are at least 46 calendar days without work.
  • Has not withdrawn in the last five years.
  • Register first.
  • There is an identification file created by Afore.
How Does The Issste Procedure Work, And How Much Can They Give You?

If you meet these requirements, the next step is to go to your ISSSTE headquarters or the nearest information module to request the unemployment certificate and thus start the process.

It is also necessary to go to the Afore branch that manages your account and present the following documents:

  1. The application for disposition of resources for partial withdrawal due to unemployment was completed and signed.
  2. Official identification, which can be a voting credential, passport, or professional license,.
  3. Unemployment certificate issued by ISSSTE, original and copy.
  4. A statement of your first account or any proof confirming the registration.
  5. Bank account statement with clabe number.
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After your application is processed, Afore must pay directly to your bank account according to your pension regime.

How Does The Issste Procedure Work, And How Much Can They Give You?

What happens if I make a partial withdrawal from my account?

Although unemployment retirement is a form of support, it also has consequences. Consar explained that if this is done, ISSSTE will apply a discount to the contribution years.

It is important to consider this before starting the partial withdrawal process because the number of years will be proportional to the number of resources you are requesting.

However, it can be obtained by making partial or total contributions to the said accounts to reintegrate the money withdrawn and thus leave the years of contributions ‘not involved’.

This type of procedure can only be carried out once every five years, and for individual accounts whose resources are invested in accounts such as PensionISSSTE, the delivery of resources can be longer than 5 business days.

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How do I withdraw money from my account for unemployment?

After considering these options, if you still need to withdraw from your account, we will explain the process to do so.

The procedure must also be carried out by the worker, and the steps to be followed are the same as described above, along with the aforementioned documents.

The deadline to resolve this request is 5 business days, and among the requirements are: having an active Afore account; that the time has passed between the date of the first deposit or the last withdrawal; and that the date of the request is according to the term chosen. by trust and have a Worker Identification File or Mobile File, which will be delivered to you at your branch.

By providing the account number or interbank code, the deposit will be made within the period specified by the branch where you started the process.

From that date on, you can follow up, and if you don’t see the money appear in your account, report it immediately.