How high can a frog jump in Minecraft 1.19 update?

A frog in Minecraft 1.19 (Image via Mojang)

Frogs were added to Minecraft in the 1.19 update, and they can be found in the mangrove swamp biome. If bred at different temperatures, players can create frogs with unique color variations, which are capable of producing different colored frogs when magma cubes are consumed.


One of the most prominent behaviors of frogs is their ability to jump. Like the frogs in Minecraft, they are able to jump quite high in the air without doing too much damage. But how high can they jump? Fortunately, the best community explorers have been able to find the maximum height a frog can leap, which can be further improved by jumping them off blocks of mud.

Measuring Frogs’ Maximum Jump Height in Minecraft

Frog Jump Height Measurement (Image via Stevie/YouTube)
Frog Jump Height Measurement (Image via Stevie/YouTube)

According to player-based sources and information provided by Mojang, frogs in Minecraft can jump a total of eight blocks in height without assistance. They like to jump from lily pads and large dropleaf blocks and are unable to jump even from honeycombs. However, the height of a frog’s jump can be increased even more by placing blocks of mud under them. This is probably due to the bouncing effect that these blocks have on many entities, including Minecraft players.

When falling from above, the frog takes ten less damage, regardless of height. However, this does not make frogs invincible. Unless players are dropping frogs from skyscrapers, they should ignore most common fall damage as they go about their day.


With a total of ten health points, frogs are quite fragile, making fall damage reduction even more important. Interestingly, players can use the lead to keep the frogs in place like many other mobs, but that won’t stop them from jumping as high as they can.

If players want to prevent these mobs from making the big jump, they want to either place blocks of honey under them or build a fence of nine blocks or more to prevent them from jumping out. Otherwise, the frog may jump over most fences or low walls standing in its path. Lead can also deter frogs from jumping too high or too far, as it leads them to wherever the lead is tied.

If Minecraft players are interested in earning a new version 1.19 achievement/upgrade, they can apply a lead to the Three Frogs. If each frog is a different color, players will receive when the squad hops into town, which can contribute to furthering their achievement or hunting efforts.

It can look quite interesting for a player to walk around with three different frogs in tow, even in a multiplayer situation. Leading frogs can also be helpful because slimes or magma cubes allow them to form slimeballs and froglites.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh