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How is the curious breeding of angler fish?

big sun this is a fishing ground To the west of the United Kingdom, between parallels 48 and 60 lies in the Atlantic Ocean. Its name. comes from grande solit means that big flounder, Since ancient times it has been famous in equal parts for its fierce storms and its fishing riches. Fleet «gransoleros», in search of longliners, composed of trawlers and flyers Hake, Monkfish and Rooster,

Of them all, without a doubt, monkfish is the least beautiful fish, It belongs to the order Lofiforme and consists of sixteen families and more than fifty genera. Most common in our kitchen white monkfish (Lophius Pisatorius) and black monkfish (Lophius budegasa), which are differentiated by the color of their peritoneum, the membrane that surrounds the intestine.

Ugly. clever and clever

Anglerfish is a terrible predator that lives in deep water and unmistakable in appearance because of its flattened head and conical body. Despite being a succulent fish, with compact and flavorful flesh, it is surprising that it did not appear in Spanish cookbooks until the second decade of the 20th century. and that is his unattractive appearance was a deterrent to consumption and made it part of discard fish,

The British have baptized him as «anglerfish» -Squaring fish- because it has a long and highly mobile dorsal spine that supports a limb which is known as elision, This appendage is the key to its existence, because through a process bioluminescencein which many bacteria participate, produces a a light used as a lure to attract its prey.

The monkfish remains motionless during the “fishing” process. waving Only its appendix, as if a . From bar Related, until the booty gets close enough, he grabs it in his powerful jaws and swallows it.

Once inside the mouth, the prey cannot escape because monkfish have some sharp teeth – which is why it is also known as sea ​​devil– sure . arranged with inward angle A curious way of fishing by mouth that was already described in ancient times Aristotle,

male parasitism

Their breeding is also extremely unique within the animal kingdom. There is a clear sexual dimorphism from the outset, the male being much smaller than the female—up to ten times—, that is Black color and lacks characteristic charm.

When the male reaches the stage of maturity, his digestive system malfunctions, making it completely impossible for him to feed. At that point you have only two options left: to starve or locate a woman to feed rest of his life. Obviously, choose the latter.

The female, whose length can exceed a meter, helps her leaving a hormonal trailL (pheromone) pronounced. when you find it hold on with the help of tiny hook-shaped teeth, after which it releases enzymes that dissolve the skin of her mouth and part of the woman’s body, so thatyour blood vessels join And the two merge. In this way the male, turned into a parasite, will spend the rest of his life feeding on the female.

It is not unusual thattransportation” together many men in her body, a trip that will pay off eventually. Thanks to this, when the female is ready to lay eggs, she immediately has the genetic material of the male, as the gonads are the only part of her anatomy that does not atrophy.

To eliminate two more singularities, monkfish is able to make your belly go too farbeing able to swallow prey up to twice its size, and its pancreas it was achieved make the first insulin Why doesn’t history look so ugly now?

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