How long is the deadline and what are the risks of non-compliance: Last days to regulate motorcycles without patent or approval

How long is the deadline and what are the risks of non-compliance: Last days to regulate motorcycles without patent or approval

The deadline for regularizing motorcycles without license plates or approval certificates under the Protected Roads Scheme is ending. Since Law 21,539, known as “Patent Zero”, came into force on February 13, 2023, a 12-month period begins for motorcyclists to obtain the necessary documents to legally circulate on the country’s roads. Hui.

This new regulation, which modified Traffic Law No. 18,290, establishes that motorcycles must be registered in the Registry of Motor Vehicles of the Civil Registry and Identification Service to obtain a unique license plate and technical inspection certificate. As of February 14, 2024, any two, three or four-wheel motorcycle that does not comply with these requirements is subject to restrictions and removal from circulation by the authorities.

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The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, in collaboration with the Carabineros de Chile and municipal inspectors, is carrying out a campaign to identify non-regular motorcycles. The law provided a special period of one year to complete these procedures, and until February 14, inspection institutions have the right to remove motorcycles with finished technical inspections or without the corresponding approval.

The MTT’s Protected Roads Scheme deploys inspection inspectors along with Carabineros personnel to conduct ground operations and clear or remove vehicles that do not have the required documentation. The main objective is to improve road safety by preventing accidents and detecting possible violations.

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Drivers are reminded that the deadline to follow the procedures established by the “Zero Patent” law expires on February 13, 2024, and the restrictions will begin to apply on February 14, 2024.

If you have not yet regularized the status of your motorcycles, you will need to go to the Civil Registry and Identification Service to register your motor vehicle and obtain a provisional license. After this, they have to go to the relevant regional ministerial secretariat of transport and telecommunications to be allotted a technical review plant where the inspection can be conducted. In addition, they must obtain a movement permit from the municipality in accordance with the provisions of the traffic law.

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