How many daughters does Jorgelina Aruzzi have and how their family is formed

How many daughters does Jorgelina Aruzzi have and how their family is formed

Jorgelina Aruzzi He is in an optimal professional moment following the success of El Primero de Nosotros, the narrative that shook Telefe screens, and it is now confirmed that he will be the part of Casados ​​con Hijos in its theatrical version. At her best, set at the center of the scene, the actress captured the attention of the general public.

Although he usually does not expose much of his personal life, Jorgelina Aruzzi She has been separated since 2016, when her relationship with the producer ended. Diego Garciawith whom he had an only daughter, Sky12 years old.

A few months ago, the actress gave an interview with Gente magazine in which she explained how she handles motherhood: She identified herself as “a little wary and a little obsessive.” So much so that he confessed that it was only in 2021 that he allowed them to have a social network.

Jorgelina Aruzzi and Amber.

“Since we (she and Diego Garcia) are both immersed in the industry, we try not to impress her about her future, although she really likes dancing and goes to the theater with me. She was born, I took her to record. She was always stuck in that place and now that she is older she doesn’t drink. She is very artistic and intelligent in school.” georgelina,

how to increase Skycommented: “The way love and motherhood is for me is to be reviewed. I am referring to motherhood as a mandate and as a mandate in a relationship. I think men and women have such is transcended by the system that compels us to do certain things or drives us to do certain things, which we personally do not feel like”.

“When I wanted to be a mother, I was. And it was the most beautiful thing in the world and Amber’s mother, a beautiful daughter who is mine, but she didn’t have another child at the time,” he explained. Aruzzi,

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