How many days per year do you have according to your seniority?

How many days per year do you have according to your seniority?

Would you like your boss to force you to take vacation? Although it sounds like a dream come true for many, mandatory holidays are a reality in some countries. For example, in Mexico, federal labor law establishes that workers have the right to an annual paid leave period, which increases with seniority.

Holidays represent a fundamental right for working people, not only as a well-deserved rest, but also as a period that contributes to well-being and work performance. With the recent reform of the Federal Labor Law (LFT) in 2023, clearer and more precise provisions regarding the granting of holidays were established, ensuring a decent rest for Mexican workers.

How many days of compulsory leave do you get according to your seniority?

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According to Article 76 of the LFT, the duration of paid leave increases according to the employee’s seniority in the company. The leave table according to seniority is as follows:

– One year: 12 days

– Two years: 14 days

– Three years: 16 days

– Four years: 18 days

– Five years: 20 days

– From six to 10 years: 22 days

— From 11 to 15 years: 24 days

— From 16 to 20 years: 26 days

— From 21 to 25 years: 28 days

— From 26 to 30 years: 30 days

— From 31 to 35 years: 32 days

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Labor reforms and leave rights

The reforms of the LFT enacted in 2023 introduced important changes regarding vacation rights for Mexican workers. The main objective of these changes is to guarantee fair and decent working conditions, recognizing the rest and recreation needs of the workforce.

The Secretariat of Labor and Social Protection gave key points for fair holidays

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare issued a statement detailing the fundamental aspects of civilized leave that all companies must comply with for their workers:

1. Inalienable Right: Holidays are an inalienable right enjoyed by all working people.

2. Entry after one year of service: Employees can avail their leaves after working continuously for one year in the same company.

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3. Payment of leave days: The company is obliged to pay the respective leave days.

4. Increase due to seniority: The duration of leave increases depending on the seniority of the employee in the company.

5. Leave Premium: Leave bonus equal to 25% of the salary for the leave days should be paid.

These changes are aimed at ensuring that workers enjoy adequate rest periods, thus promoting their physical and mental well-being, which translates into greater productivity and job satisfaction. The implementation of these provisions reflects Mexico’s continued commitment to the protection and respect of labor rights.


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