How many goals did Gignac score against Pumas?

 Liga MX 2023: How many goals did Gignac score against Pumas?  One more and it will be historic for Tigres

André-Pierre Gignac is the best foreigner to reach Liga MX in recent years there is no doubt about that; he gave Tigres many titles, and now he is looking for a two-time championship that only Pumas and Atlas got. He also wants to achieve his 200th goal in Mexican football; he can achieve this against UNAM, which is an opponent where he usually comes out inspired. With a greater sense of purpose.

How many goals did Gignac score against the Pumas?

The former Marseille He has scored 199 goals in the official history of Liga MX. But in reviewing his long history of goals, one can see how he has better statistics against the Pumas. He scored against Pedregal’s team 17 times. Call it the regular phase or Liguilla. So the semi-final Tigres vs. Pumas, back to back, lends itself to the perfect scenario for a killer like Gignac. This is Antonio Mohamed’s team, and he has scored the most goals since he arrived in Mexico.

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Who was chosen from France? He arrived in Mexican soccer in 2015 with the Tigres. For almost 10 years, he has been the team’s all-time scoring leader, the greatest player to ever play for the club, which can speak of a long history of great players, but none from the line of this French tiger. And now, approaching retirement, he wants to give the poison a double crown. To do this, he needs to tame another cat, such as Pumas.

The Frenchman broke the record for Tigers goals held by Tomás Boy, who held the mark for 31 years. The score of ‘Boss’ Boy reached 104 points; Gignac’s 105 was done precisely against Pumas at Olympic University.

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André-Pierre Gignac started 2023 with 175 goals

When the current year began, the 38-year-old striker (December 5, 1985) He has 175 points for the Tigers, is just 25 away from reaching two centuries of scoring in uniform, and has scored 24 times this year. He made 20 in the Liga MX, two in the League Cup, and two more in the Concachampions.

Happy 2023. I wish you good health, which is the most important thing, and I also hope, wish, and dream that things will be incredible for us—another star and a World Cup club together! Let’s go to 200 goals

Be careful Pumas, because Gignac is the tiger who wants to give, perhaps, his last roar, against the opponent who has won most of his goals.

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