How many goals does Falcao need to become the top scorer in Colombian history?

How many goals does Falcao need to become the top scorer in Colombian history?

Radamel Falcao returns to report with a goal for Rayo Vallecano in the match valid for the second round of the Copa del Rey against Yeclano. The Colombian led his team to victory, delighted his Colombian fans and in the process almost became our country’s top scorer.

The ‘Tiger’ is one of the best footballers the country has produced in the whole history and they say that ‘goals are loves’, so he has also won the love of our country. Of course, that is in addition to the great charisma and leadership that he always displays.

Every time Falcao scores, despite the fact that he is still a substitute for the ‘Vallecas’ team, in Colombia it is celebrated with great joy and the counting of the goals scored by the ‘Tigre’ seems doubtful, compared to his Victor Hugo Aristizábal.

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How many goals does Falcao need to reach Aristizábal’s record?

There is a great debate about the number of goals obtained by Víctor Hugo Aristizábal, because some statistics suggest that the player scored 346 goals, but the former soccer player himself made it clear that he had 348 goal he scored during his career.

In this way, and with the goal scored by Falcao this Wednesday, December 6, he reached 345 goals, so he is only one goal away from reaching Aristizábal, but if the data comes from the same former soccer player considered, for the most part. he was 3 points short of becoming Colombia’s all-time top scorer.

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