How much did Usher make for his Super Bowl performance? The answer will surprise you

 How much did Usher make for his Super Bowl performance?  The answer will surprise you

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. And it also means transferring millions of dollars of money.

It not only attracts the attention of American football fans, but it is also an example of entertainment for those who want to watch the halftime show.

This year, Usher was in charge of acting in the show.

However, the amount he won is probably far from what you have in mind.

Information obtained by Business Insider shows that performers typically do not charge more than the minimum SAG-AFTRA union rate for performing at the Super Bowl.

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A spokesperson for the union told the above media that in Usher’s case, this would mean approximately $671 dollars – approximately $650,000 Chilean pesos – for the performance.

In addition, the artist charged a fee for rehearsal before the appointment, which would have cost around $1,750 dollars per week.

For its part, the production is responsible for paying for everything necessary for their presentation.

What did you achieve through your participation?

Although Usher did not receive a million-dollar figure as he would for other types of concerts, participating in the Super Bowl brought him many times the earnings in other ways.

Firstly, because it gets money from sponsorship deals, such as advertisements that were made around the final.

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For example, brands like Uber Beats and BMW turned to him, while Kim Kardashian-owned Skims adopted him as the face of its men’s underwear collection.

Adding to this is that artists who perform at the Super Bowl increase views of their music on streaming platforms, which also means profits.


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