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How much does a Category A Monotributista get paid?

He monoattribute Unlike, one of the most popular regimes in the country general rule, tax burden It is low, as is the administrative burden (avoided VAT and a sworn statement for earnings).

When starting a business venture, monotributistas usually choose Category “A”, assume that Its fee is lowest.

How much does a category A monotribustina pay per month?

pay per month a Monottributista Category “A” is $5,750Whether dedicated for sale or rental of personal property and provision of services.

However, if you have a job in a dependent relationship, you will not be paid. Contribution to SIPA nor social work, so the amount to be paid is $496,85,

How are monotributo payments calculated?

He monotribute payment It depends on the category you are in. Enrolled, since, unlike general rule, A certain fee is paid.

To determine which of all categories To suit you, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • Gross Income: The main criterion or parameter to define a monotribist is their annual income. Each category has a limit and after that you move to the next category. If the limit of the last category is exceeded, the status of monottributista is lost.
  • Activity Type: Categories “I”, “J” and “K” apply only to the sale of personal property.
  • Affected Area: In case of carrying out its activity at a physical location, such as premises, the area affected by the business is the boundaries measured in square meters
  • power consumption: In all categories of Monotributo different limits are established on the consumption of electricity for carrying out business activity
  • Earned Rent: Each category accepts a “maximum level” for the rental of real estate intended to be used for the development of your activity.

On the other hand, if you have i work as an employee you shouldn’t pay retirement contribution No Chips.

What is the salary of a monotribistist?

Although single tax system Designed primarily for people who start their own business or are self-employed, it is quite common (even in the public sector) that some jobs or jobs that must be under dependency relationship that is, they meet all the characteristics, such as fixed hours and use of uniforms, to end up under Monoattribute data.

employees perform operate under a dependency relationship, but they get paid monotributist Hiding the employment relationship, ie they create an invoice for their “services” (as if they were independent workers). In this context, many companies argue that due to the current Labor Law, Recruiting employees is very difficult.

Furthermore, by refraining from registering the employment relationship “dependency relationship” Avoids obligations to pay minimum wages in accordance with collective labor agreements. This happens since monotributistas They charge based on their billing without an established minimum, as they must develop a independent activity.

Although the state generally condemns such acts, in which Employee complains to employer and eliminates a tax labor decision, It usually violates its own laws, employees who are not properly registered.

Which is the best range of Monotributo?

not in such “best class” For monotributo, since taxpayers always write in the category that corresponds to them, trying not to overpay. In this sense, taking only as a parameter Gross Income, It is always advisable to register in the lowest category.

This is because although tax collector usually asks you to estimate your billing in the coming months (when you first sign up), it’s very difficult for you to hit that result accurately, so it’s best that you conservative And you register in the lowest category according to other parameters, because in case of mistake, You must spend 6 months in that category.

Also, if you exceed it, the tax authority does not give any clearance from that point on. Sign up, You are not a defaulter if you meet the other requirements, so after only 6 months, if your income exceeds the established limit, you Reclassify yourself.

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